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18+ DIYs to Make Flower Pen

Flower pens are the simplest and easiest stuff you can make at home for Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, or any other occasion. Give your old, recycled pens a new look by attaching faux flowers to them. You could make them as a single piece or even arrange the pens in the form of a bouquet. The tutorials below would give you an insight into how to make flower pens at home.

Flower Pen Pictures

1. How to Make Flower Pens at Home

Fill dried beans in the pot would let the pens remain in place.

Flower Pens

2. Duct Tape Flower Pen DIY

The duct tape flowers would give the flower pen a gorgeous look.

Duct Tape Flower Pen

3. Tutorial for a Pretty Homemade  Duct Tape Flower Pen

Make your flower pot immensely appealing by wrapping it with duct tape.

How to Make Duct Tape Flower Pen

4. Easy DIY to Make a Flower Pen

You could arrange the flower pens in a bouquet and even attach a red ribbon to it.

DIY Flower Pen

5. Instructions to Make a Cute Flower Pen with Silk Flower

The pink flower pen complements the pink ribbon well.

How to Make a Flower Pen

6. How to Make a Lovely Bouquet Flower Pen

You could arrange the flowers as a bouquet or convert them into a pencil topper for your kiddo.

Flower Pen Bouquet

7. DIY to Make a Pen and Pencil Topper with Felt Flowers

The cute flowers, when sitting on your pen or pencil as a topper, would give it a magnificent look to the fullest. Though this tutorial provides instructions for making a pencil topper, you could make one for pens in a similar way.

Flower Pencil Topper

8. Instructions to Make a Rose Pen

You could make a bouquet of rose pens as a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. Attach a lovely message to it for a personalized touch.

Rose Flower Pen

9. Easy Tissue Paper Flower Pen

Though many use wires for the stem, you could make it with a pipe cleaner as shown here for a unique appearance. Spray some glitters on the petals for a sparkly look.

Tissue Paper Flower Pen

10. DIY to Make Rose Pen and Pencil Toppers

Attach pens instead of pencils and top them with cute roses for an enticing appeal.

Flower Pen Toppers

11. Flower Pot Pen Holder DIY

Arranging the flower pots on your balcony would be a perfect surprise you could give your mom on Mother’s Day.

Flower Pot Pen Holder

12. How to Make a Wedding Fervor Flower Pen

Such flower pens would increase the beauty of the guestbooks. You may keep a bunch of them in a pot.

Flower Pen Wedding Fervors

13. Daisy Flower Pens DIY

The green pipe cleaners covering a part of the pen intensify its beauty. You may even consider wrapping red ribbons around them if giving as gifts. While putting the flowers together in a mason jar as shown here, take out the pen lids. 

Daisy Flower Pen

If planning something for a summer craft, then make lovely sunflowers like these and attach them to your pens.

Sunflower Pen

14. Flower Pen Tutorial with a Beautiful Jar

The purple glass canning jars make the flowers look all the more marvelous.

Flower Pen Tutorial

15. How to Make a Flower Pot Pens for Mother’s Day

Mother Day Flower Pen Craft

16. Easy DIY to Make Ribbon-Wrapped Flower Pen

You could plan a flower pen bouquet for Christmas décor by wrapping it in red and green ribbons.

Ribbon Wrapped Flower Pen

17. Tutorial to Make an Attractive Duct Tape Rose Pen

Duct Tape Rose Pen

18. Directions to Make an Origami Flower Pen

Fold the paper in a host of exciting ways for a unique design. The green tulle used for wrapping the flower pen makes it immensely gorgeous.

Origami Flower Pen

These marvelous flower pens would serve as a perfect return gift for your kid’s birthday, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day or any special occasion. As for the flowers you could make innovative ones for your pens  with a whole lot of things like wire, pipe cleaner, burlap, news paper, and crepe paper.

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