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How to Make a Grinch Christmas Tree: 12 DIY Decoration Ideas

A Dr.Seuss themed X-mas party would be incomplete without a Grinch Christmas tree. You can make one by either making the character’s legs sticking out from a regular Christmas tree or by bending a tree and decorating it aptly conforming to the theme.

DIY Popsicle Stick House Design Pictures

1. Make Your Own Grinch Christmas Tree

If you find the traditional Christmas trees boring you could go for this Dr.Seuss themed tree that is in a quirky bent posture. Red ornaments add to its unconventional looks.

Grinch Christmas Tree

2. How to Decorate a Grinch Christmas Tree

This fun tree uses two dowels for the Grinch’s legs, wooden blocks for his feet, some stuffing material, elf slippers, green leggings and a tree skirt.

Grinch Christmas Tree Decoration

3. Grinch Head Christmas Tree Topper

The above-linked tutorial is in a foreign language. Hence, you would need to translate it. Your web browser would prompt you for translation. If it doesn’t do so, you can just right click on the page and choose the suitable option for translation.

Grinch Christmas Tree Topper

4. Christmas Tree With Grinch Legs

Embedding Grinch legs in your Christmas tree makes it pretty interesting for kids. They are mainly Elf legs covered in green fur.

Grinch Legs for Christmas Tree

5. Grinch Christmas Tree Step By Step Guide

This beautiful Whoville tree has been made out of a natural Christmas tree. You need to click on the above link to know the technique of bending its top. You can decorate it with ornaments of your choice.

How to Make a Grinch Christmas Tree

6. Grinch for Your Christmas Tree

The above-linked article is on DIY Christmas trees based on different characters. Scroll down to the part that talks about making a Grinch Christmas tree.

Grinch for Christmas Tree

7. Grinch Christmas Trees DIY

DIY Grinch Christmas Trees

8. Lovely Grinch Themed Christmas Tree

Grinch Themed Christmas Tree

9. How the (Full-Size) Grinch Stole Christmas Tree Idea

Full-Size Grinch Christmas Tree Idea

10. Primitive Grinch Whoville Christmas Tree Instructions

Primitive Grinch Whoville Christmas Tree

11. Tutorial for Grinch Body Stuck in Christmas Tree

12. Decorations for How the Grinch Stole Christmas Tree

The pictures are sure to inspire you in your craft. It is indeed a unique idea for your Christmas tree that is worth a try. You are free to add your own ideas as you decorate your tree with the serious character that had dared to steal Christmas (albeit in a book)!

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