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21 + DIYs to Make Ripped Jeans for Men and Women

Ripped or torn jeans are the most fashionable thing in the present times. You could either give your brand new jeans a distressed look by cutting it as per your choice or even consider experimenting with your old, worn-out denim first especially if you are a novice in the art of ripping. The essentials required for this purpose include scissors and knife for cutting, razors to fray and scrap the jeans, and sandpaper for a distressed look. Check out the tutorials below for a vivid insight on how to make ripped jeans at home.

DIY Ripped Jeans Pictures

1. DIY to Make Blue Ripped Jeans Easily with Razors and Scissors

You could make a combination of big and small holes on the knees and thighs for a chic appearance.

How to Make Ripped Jeans

2. DIY to Make a Cool-looking Ripped Jeans

Scrape the edges and pockets using a razor for a frayed look.

DIY Ripped Jeans

3. DIY Ripped Black Skinny Jeans Tutorial

Get your black jeans to attain a ripped look by making a small or a big hole near the knees or thighs. The ripped design could be made on one or both sides of the jeans.

DIY Ripped Skinny Jeans

4. DIY to Make Blue Knee Ripped Jeans

Ripping the jeans in the region of the knees is the most sought-after pattern. You could cut it a little more on the upper part and below to give the impression of missing material.

DIY Knee Ripped Jeans

5. How to Make Your Own Distressed Ripped Jeans at Home

If the material of your jeans is thick enough, then rub sandpaper lightly on them and even to make the distressing process easier. You could rip a little more on one part and less on the other for a chic boho appeal.

Make Ripped Jeans

6. Homemade Cute Lace Ripped Jeans DIY

The lace glued in the tattered portion makes it look gorgeous.

Cute Ripped Jeans

7. Making  a Stylish Ripped Jeans at Home

The symmetrical strips running down in a line adds to their elegance.

Making Ripped Jeans

8. DIY Unique Ripped Jeans Pattern

Pulling the horizontal and vertical threads apart would require some patience and perseverance. Once that is done, the ripped look would come to prominence. 

Ripped Jeans Pattern

9. How to Rip Your Black Jeans

You could even consider painting your black jeans in silver or gold, especially on the portion that is not ripped.

DIY Ripped Black Jeans

10. DIY to Make Ripped Jeans for Men

If you plan to give a tattered look to your husband’s or boyfriend’s jeans, don’t rip it uniformly to bring in the shabby effect.

How to Make Ripped Jeans for Men

11. Step by Step Guide to Make a Pocket-Friendly Torn Jeans for Women

Shaded or ragged jeans give a perfect distressed and ripped look than the dark-dyed ones.

DIY Torn Jeans

12.  How to Make Your Distressed Jeans Ripped

Distressed Ripped Jeans

13. How to DIY a Black Torn Jeans for Women

Be as creative as possible while giving the jeans a torn look. Like one side could be uniformly cut, while the other could simply be ripped on the knees.

Black Torn Jeans

14. DIY to Make White Torn Jeans

You could paint parts of the jeans in red for a stunning look.

White Torn Jeans

15. Directions to Make a Dark Blue Torn Up Jeans

A few cuts along the thighs make this jean look exceedingly appealing.

Torn Up Jeans

16. DIY to Make a Torn Skinny Jeans

Your skinny jeans with a torn look would add grace to your style.

Torn Skinny Jeans

17. How to Make Your Jeans Look Tattered

Tattered Jeans

18. How to Make a Perfect Ripped Jeans

How to Make a Perfect Ripped Jeans

You could give your tiny tot’s old jeans a stylish look by ripping it slightly on the knees or even near the ankle.

How to Make Ripped Jeans for Kids

19. DIY Ripped Denim Cut Off Shorts

You could cut off your worn out old jeans and make it into pretty shorts and then add a ripped design to it, as shown in the image below.

How to Make Ripped Shorts Out Of Jeans

20. How to Make Ripped Jeans with Cheese Grater

A cheese grater can serve as a replacement for a sandpaper or pumice stone to help the jeans acquire a distressed look.

How to Make Ripped Jeans with Cheese Grater

You could make huge holes in the jeans for an increased ripped effect.

How to Make Huge Ripped Jeans

21. DIY to Put Patches in Ripped Jeans

Patches in Ripped Jeans

Besides cutting your jeans to give it a ripped or torn effect by taking a cue from the tutorial above, you may consider painting the entire jeans or just the pockets.

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