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13+ Painted Jean Pockets

Are you bored with your old pair of jeans? Give it a facelift by painting its pockets. It is pretty simple. Not a lot of rules and steps to follow. The activity allows you to give wings to your creativity. We have compiled a set of tutorials and ideas to get you started on the craft and execute it successfully. Of course, you are free to experiment with your own designs.

Pictures of Painted Jean Pockets

1. Hand Painted Jean Pocket

If you love the sea and the breaking waves, this jeans pocket painting idea is for you. It uses fabric paints and the detailed steps, along with images help you nail it.

Painted Jean Pocket

2. Cute Jean Pocket Painting

The supplies for this craft are acrylic paint, a pair of jeans, tape and paintbrushes. You would love to sport flowers on your back pockets, right?

Jean Pocket Painting

3. Painted Jeans Pocket in White

In this DIY, the actual back pocket is ripped off using a seam ripper. The painting area is then demarcated with masking tape before filling it up with white fabric paint.

Painted Jeans Pocket

4. Charming Jean Pocket Painting Idea

Jean Pocket Painting Idea

5. Jean Back Pocket Painting

Painting on Jean Pockets

6. Cool Jeans Painted Pocket

Painted Pocket of Jeans

7. Painted Back Pockets on Jeans Shorts

Painted Pockets on Jeans

8. Jean Pocket Painting With Acrylic Paint

A large sunflower on your jeans pocket looks bright and catchy. If you don’t like the big size of the flower, you can make it smaller.

Acrylic Paint Jean Pocket Painting

9. Painted Jean Pocket DIY

A jean pocket with the painting of a sunset lends an artistic edge to your attire. The clouds and the sea accentuate the beauty of the sunset, further.

DIY Painted Jean Pocket

10. Creative Painted Jean Pocket Idea

Painted Jean Pocket Idea

11. Unique Acrylic Painted Jean Pockets

Acrylic Painted Jean Pockets

12. Vivid Jeans Painted Pocket

You can use the above-linked video tutorial to make daisies or any other of your favorite flowers on your jeans pocket.

Jeans Painted Pocket

13. Jeans with Planet Painted Pocket

If you know the basic method of painting on denim, you can paint on your jean pocket as well. The above-linked tutorial shows you that.

Jeans with Painted Pocket

Jeans Pocket Painting Ideas

If you love checks, this painted jean pocket design would be your go-to craft. You can add sketches of bees to add to the fun. It makes the back pockets of your jeans pop.

Aesthetic Jean Pocket Painting

Look hot in with painted red and yellow flames on your jeans pocket. It is totally Instagram worthy. Your friends would envy this!

How to Paint Jean Pocket

A starry and moonlit night sky complete with clouds speaks volumes about the artist in you. Share it on social media and watch it become popular and liked.

Jeans Pocket Painting

If you want to spread a message of happiness and peace through your jeans pocket painting, you can draw inspiration from the below image.

Painting on Jeans Pockets

Wondering what to paint on your jeans pocket? There are not many things that can match up to the beauty and majesty of a goldfish.

Things to Paint on Jean Pockets

Are you a Sesame Street fan? Then this Kermit painting would best manifest your fandom. The lush color would make you stand out in the crowd.

Kermit Painted Jean Pocket

The tutorials and designs would inspire you to paint your jeans shorts and pants. The activity is pretty easy. You only need to imagine and put your thoughts to paint. People with a creative bent of mind would find the projects supremely satisfying. You may also want to check our post on painted jeans.

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