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47+ DIYs to Make Scary Halloween Props

Halloween sans a galore of scary props simply seems unthinkable. The eerie-looking photo booths, coffins, skull heads hanging hither, thither, weapons, and scarecrows are a mandate to send a chill down one’s spine. Check out the tutorials to get a clear insight on how to make different props for Halloween.

Scary Halloween Props DIY Pictures

1. DIY Lawn Coffin Prop for Halloween

The coffin bearing a skull mask, brightened with tea lights will certainly give your visitors goosebumps if they happen to spot it lying in one corner of your lawn in the night. 

Halloween Prop

2. DIY Hanging Spider Balloon Prop for Halloween

The glittery spiders hanging from the helium-filled balloons would serve a perfect prop for haunted house decoration.

DIY Halloween Props

3. DIY to Make an Animated Halloween Prop

This remote control skeleton help is sure to scare one to the core on lighting up instantly the moment he or she comes close to it.

Animated Halloween Prop

To set up a photo booth, you need several giant-sized props like the ones shown in the picture below. The templates here would make your job easier, also providing a host of exciting ideas. Cut out these designs on a big cardstock paper, color, and decorate accordingly for an impressive look.

Halloween Photo Booth Props

4. DIY to Make Hanging Halloween Ghosts for Your Yard and Garden

These hanging mylar balloons draped in cheesecloth, make for perfect ghosts. If you have a big garden hang them from trees and attach string lights around for a sparkling effect at night. You can also use black pom pom balls for the eyes and nose to make it look a little more realistic and appealing.

Outdoor Halloween Props

5. DIY Instructions for a Scary Tomato Cage Ghost

Transform a king-size pillow-case into a spooky ghost. If you do not have one handy, make it with white cloth and don’t miss out on adding an eerie design on its face. Finally, adorn it with colorful string lights and place it outdoors to surprise your guests with a scary welcome.

DIY Scary Halloween Prop

6. DIY Cheesecloth Spirits for Halloween

The mannequin heads draped in white cheesecloth would make for appalling spirits. Give your room a glow-in-the-dark effect and place these spirits inside, for a horrifying outcome.

Spirit Halloween Props

7.  DIY to Make a Life-Size Scary Halloween Prop

Life-Size Halloween Prop

8. How to DIY a Miniature Coffin Prop for Halloween

If you are adept at woodworking, then making this coffin would not be too difficult a task. You may either make a skeleton with the leftover wooden pieces or buy one from the store. Paint the top of the coffin in black and write RIP on it to set in the right Halloween mood.

Halloween Coffin Prop

9. Homemade Halloween Graveyard DIY

To replicate a graveyard in your lawn is indeed a mammoth task, and this tutorial guides you on how to do one. You could even add witches and skeletons in the cemetery to intensify the spooky effect.

Homemade Halloween Prop

10. DIY Dead Alien Prop for Halloween

The splashes of red paint on the alien’s skin, with the intestines bulging out, could compel anybody glancing at it suddenly to take it for a real one.

Alien Halloween Prop

11. Cheap and Easy DIY Zombie Prop for Halloween

The blood-smeared tongue and teeth created by adding red paint enhance its gaudiness.

Halloween Zombie Props

12. Instructions to Make a Hanging Man Corpse Prop for Halloween

When hanging from a tree, it would replicate a real dead man. Smear it with red paint for a more horrendous look.

Halloween Corpse Prop

13. How to Build an Electric Chair for Halloween

The chair’s seat and the back can be made using leftover wooden scraps (if any). Spray the chair with brown paint for a rustic appeal.  Keeping a prisoner costume and mask for the convict to wear would indeed be quite an innovative idea. If you could add a fence around the chair with PVC pipes or bamboos, it would give the impression of a prison.

Electric Chair Halloween Prop

14. DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence

Halloween Graveyard Prop

15. Witches and Cats Prop for Halloween DIY

The witch holding a broomstick and the cat as her companion would indeed work wonders as a Halloween prop. The witch and cat template would help to get a perfect design. Paint them in black for an authentic scary look.

Halloween Witch Prop

16. Witch’s Broom Chandelier to Hang on Your Walls This Halloween DIY

The mason jars hanging on the broom through a black string is a unique Halloween prop to decorate your living room walls.

Hanging Halloween Props

17. DIY Giant Scarecrow Prop for Halloween

You can add lanterns, crows, and other accessories for an increased bout of scariness.

Halloween Scarecrow Prop

18. DIY Skeleton Props for Halloween

Halloween Skeleton Prop

19. Tutorial to Make a Headless Horseman Prop for Halloween

To replicate the legendary headless horseman, this tutorial would be of utmost help. You could make a paper mache horse, or even get a readymade one and then paint it black.  For the horseman, get as innovative as possible while dressing and accessorizing him.

Headless Horseman Halloween Prop

20. Crystal Ball Halloween Prop DIY

Adding battery operated tea lights to the ball helps giving it a flickering effect.

Crystal Ball Halloween Prop

21. Simple Motorized Props for Halloween

DIY Motorized Halloween Props

22. Dragon Head Prop for Halloween

The fiery eyes gives the dragon a majestic, gory look.

Dragon Halloween Prop

23. DIY Creepy Severed Head Halloween Prop

The brownish hue of the cheesecloth due to the coffee-dye added to it gives it an elegant appearance. Add red paint dripping from its face to make it look all the more terrible. 

Severed Head Halloween Prop

The image below shows an out-of-the-box decoration for your door. All you need to do is cut long cardboard pieces, adorn them with a wood grain pattern, and have plastic skeleton hands sticking out for the Halloween effect. You may even go for spiders, bats, or anything else

Cardboard Halloween Prop

24. How to Make a Standing Halloween Prop with a PVC Pipe and Costume

Arranging the PVC pipes together and fitting an appropriate costume into it helps to make this fantastic zombie. Put it in one corner of a dark room, to make your guests shriek in fear.

Halloween Standing Prop

25. How to Make a Pnuematic Halloween Prop

Building this would not be an easy task, but if you manage to do so, the result would indeed create a stunning effect.

Pneumatic Halloween Prop

26. How to DIY a Halloween Hand Prop

Hanging hands around would certainly help bring out the haunted effect you wish to bring during Halloween.

DIY Halloween Hand Prop

27. DIY Flying Bats Decoration for Halloween

If you desire to maintain a Halloween look without making it appear frightening, then the elegant pumpkin at the center with paper bats flying all over would be a great idea.

Flying Bat Halloween Prop

28. How to Make Styrofoam Gravestones for Halloween

You could make smaller gravestones, as the size of a photo frame if you plan to keep them near the mantle or in your living room.

Gravestone Props Halloween

29. Halloween Corpse Prop Tutorial for Your Yard

Halloween Corpse Prop Tutorial for Your Yard

30. Spooky Halloween Tree Decoration DIY

The face added to the trees provides it depth and also adds to its scariness.

How to Make Halloween Tree Prop

31. How to Make a Bow and Arrow for a Halloween Prop

If you desire to dress up as the Tomb Rader’s protagonist Lara Croft this Halloween, then your costume would seem incomplete, sans a bow and an arrow. To give it a worn-out dirty look, just as Lara’s bows were, roll them in mud and rub thoroughly for the dirt to get well deposited on the bow.

Bow and Arrow Halloween Prop

32. DIY Motion Sensor Props for Halloween

The motion sensors are of immense help when it comes to lighting up or having your props to move, just as the one shown here with the help of which the Jack-o-lantern has lit up brightly.

DIY Motion Sensor Halloween Props

33. Halloween Prop Books DIY

These faux books made from various colored craft paper could easily be taken for real ones. Include the titles of all the horror books you know to have your guests shudder in fear.

Halloween Prop Books

34. How to Make a Giant Spider Prop for Halloween

This gigantic creature made using PVC pipes, gym ball, and cordwood, appears too close to the real ones.

Giant Halloween Spider Prop

35. DIY Body Bag Halloween Prop

Drop this plastic-wrapped dummy body into the bathtub and watch the expressions of your guests on finding them.

How to Make Body Bag Halloween Prop

36. Giant Paper Mache Bat for Halloween DIY

How to Make Paper Mache Halloween Prop

37. Tutorial to Design Medusa’s Crown

If you desire to dress as the snaky Medusa, this crown would be the perfect choice.

Medusa Halloween Prop

38. DIY Brain in a Jar Halloween Prop With Play Dough

Brain in a Jar Halloween Prop

39. DIY Halloween Doll Prop

DIY Halloween Doll Props

40. DIY Mummy Props for Halloween

You could make a coffin and place it in one corner of the room with the mummy within.

DIY Halloween Mummy Prop

41. Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Prop DIY

While decorating your kid’s room for Halloween, you could create Zero’s home just like the one shown here. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Prop

42. Glow in the Dark Spider Slime for Halloween

Glow in the Dark Halloween Prop

43. Monster Grim or Mud Reaper Tutorial

The monster reaper clad in a stained attire, standing in one corner of the room, would inevitably personify the theme of death and doom associated with Halloween.

Grim Reaper Halloween Prop

44. Halloween Knife Prop DIY

Smear the knives in red paint, hang them in the kitchen and add proper lighting for real scary effects.

Halloween Knife Prop

45. How to Make Rat Props for Halloween

If you already have plastic rats at hand, customize of decorate them further for a unique appeal.

Halloween Rat Prop

46. Fake Fire Halloween Prop DIY

Fake Fire Halloween Prop

47. Spooky Halloween Grandfather Clock DIY

Halloween Grandfather Clock Prop

With a galore of DIYs at your disposal, you would certainly not run short of ideas to make exciting props for amusing your guests to the fullest.

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