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21 + Interesting DIYs to Make a Witch Hat

A Halloween without gorgeous witch hats is simply unthinkable. A black cone-shaped hat encircled with a showy ribbon or embellishments as per your choice is all that you or your little girl needs to complete your getup. Instead of spending a fortune on readymade ones, go the DIY way and design some creative ones at home, using paper, felt or fabric. The tutorials below give you a vivid insight into designing handmade witch hats.

DIY Witch Hat Pictures

1. DIY to Make a Simple Halloween Witch Hat

The yellow ribbon adds elegance to the black conical hat.

DIY Witch Hat

2. How to Make a Unique Witch Hat with Felt

The pretty flower sitting on one side of the hat gives it a gorgeous appeal.

DIY Witch Hat Felt

3. DIY Hanging Witch Luminaries

Witch Hat Luminaries DIY

4. Spooky DIY Hanging Fabric Witch Hats

For a change you could go for colorful fabric witch hats like the ones shown here especially if you want to add some brightness to the Halloween party.

DIY Fabric Witch Hat

For a decorative witch hat, attach a showy tulle ribbon on it alongside a pretty bow like the one in the given image.

DIY Tulle Witch Hat

5. How to Make a Gandalf the Gray Floppy Witch Hat

You could add a pom-pom for some fun elements.

DIY Floppy Witch Hat

6. DIY to Make a Mini Witch Hat for a Baby

This would be an apt size for an infant or even for your cat if you decide to deck her up in a witch’s attire this Halloween. You may also make many of these tiny witch hats and hang them on your wall to enhance your home décor. The polka-dotted band surrounding the hat adds to its beauty to the fullest.

DIY Small Witch Hat

7. How to DIY a Beautiful Deco Mesh Witches Hat Wreath

The arrangement of ribbons and the cute, fluffy bow sitting at the center makes the wreath appear gorgeous.

Witch Hat Wreath DIY

The hat could be made out of felt or fabric and then decorated with colorful deco mesh, as shown in the given image. You could even write something on it perhaps an eerie message like the one in the given picture.

DIY Deco Mesh Witches Hat

8. DIY for Decorating a Fancy Witch Hat

The plastic spiders, glitters, and pom-poms used as embellishments, make the hat look all the more enticing. 

DIY Witches Hat Decoration

9. How to Make a Witch Hat Centerpiece

The newspaper strips in between alongside the paper flowers, tulle, and skeletal face makes it unique. Make many miniature hats for a big table. If you have a small table to decorate, then one big hat would suffice.

DIY Witch Hat Centerpiece

10. DIY  Easy Witch Hat Pattern with Construction Paper

You could add a red pom-pom inside the yellow felt.

DIY Witch Hat Pattern

11. How to Make a Witch Hat Headband

Glue the hat to a headband to make a pretty hair accessory for your princess. The combination of black and orange ribbons perfectly brings in the Halloween feel.

DIY Mini Witch Hat Headband

12. How to Make a Paper Witch Hat

The cone-shaped hat with the red lining looks elegant. Go for a thick paper so that the hat remains firm enough. Following the ideas in the tutorial, you could also make a wizard hat for your little master.

Paper Witch Hat

13. How to Design a Floating Witch Hat

DIY Floating Witch Hat

14. How to Make a Cardboard Witch Hat

Spooky, elegant, and pretty—- these adjectives define this witch hat perfectly. The black bow and the yellow dotted ribbon add to its beauty while the faux spider on top enhances its eeriness to the fullest.

How to Make a Witch Hat

15. How to Make a Felt Pointy Witch Hat

How to Make a Felt Witch Hat

16. Tutorial to Make a Crooked Witch Hat

You could spray paint it entirely in black for an authentic appeal.

How to Make as Crooked Witch Hat

17. How to Make a Dead Roses Witch Hat for Cosplay

If you are into Cosplay, then dress up in the witch hat, replicating any of your favorite characters just as the one shown here.

How to Make a Witch Hat Cosplay

18. Instructions for Making a Little Witch Hat for a Doll Out of Toilet Paper Roll

If you do not want to scare your kid by creating something spooky, then make a funny looking doll like this one and adorn it with a miniature witch hat. The googly eyes and woolly hair make it look immensely adorable.

How to Make a Little Witch Hat

19. How to Make a Pretty Purple Witch Hat

Purple Witch Hat

20. How to Make a Witch Hat Door Hanger

This black witch hat stuffed with a lot of greenery and flower would intensify your door’s beauty when hung upon it.

How to Make a Witch Hat Door Hanger

21. How to Make a Witch Hat Fascinator

You could fix the witch hat to a headband. For attaching them to your kid’s hairclips, make smaller ones.

DIY Witch Hat Fascinator

With so many of these exciting tutorials at hand, you would not run short of ideas this Halloween. You may either make the traditional black witch hat or go the modern way by adorning it with a lot of things. To have it stay fix on your head, fix a headband or elastic on it.

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