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11 Fun Book Purse Tutorials

Recycle your old books into something useful and creative by giving them a fresh twist. You can use their hardcovers to make beautiful bags. It goes on to show the book lover in you. You can ensure that all eyes are on you by utilizing books like Disney Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, those written by Edgar Allan Poe, etc.

Fun Book Purse Pictures

1. Purse Out Of Book

You can choose a hardbound book with an appealing cover for this project. You need to start by cutting off the pages from the binding.

Book Purse

2. Spell Book Purse

The basis of this DIY Hocus Pocus spell purse is a hardcover book. You need to remove the pages to give it a new modified look apt for Halloween. It has a supernatural feel to it.

Book of Spells Purse

3. Fancy Purse That Looks Like a Book

You can use a fabric pattern of your choice to make the inside of your book purse. You need to buy the handles for attaching to your handmade purse.

Purse That Looks Like a Book

4. Make a Purse from a Book

In this DIY, after separating the pages from the cover, you need to cut out a triangular template for the fabric inside. Girls would love a pink purse made from old books.

Book Purse DIY

5. Blue Purse Made Out Of Book

You can gift this lovely purse made from a book cover to your book lover friend on Christmas. The fabric flower embellished handles lend it a delicate, feminine look.

Purse Made Out Of Book

6. Make a Purse Out Of a Book Cover

How to Make a Purse Out Of a Book Cover

7. Fab Purse Made From Book

Purse Made From Book

8. Instructions for Old Book Purse

Old Book Purse Instructions

9. Pattern for Recycled Book Purse

Recycled Book Purse Pattern

10. Book Purse DIY

Book Purse Tutorial

11. Make a Book into an Attractive Purse

Make a Book into a Purse

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You can also have a book of black magic made into a purse for garnering attention on your unconventional interest. The old books lend a classy, vintage look to the homemade purses. Get ready to be showered with compliments when you flaunt this accessory at parties and social events.

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