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Milk Carton Purse: 6 Super Fun Tutorials

Milk cartons are something that we see every day in our house as after using them we just throw them away in dustbins. But with a creative spur, transforming them into something useful is as easy as it can be. Check out the following instructions and make sure you have some homemade carton purses at the end of the day.

Milk Carton Purse Pictures

1. How to Make a Milk Carton Purse

Milk and juice carton purses look colorful and vivacious, being a perfect choice for school girls.

Milk Carton Purse

2. Milk Carton Pouch for Coins

Coins and bills should be kept separately, and a pouch like the following one makes it happen. You may reuse two cartons for two differently sized pouches for this.

Milk Purse

3. DIY Milk Handbags

Cute handbags are a fashion staple, why would you be lagging behind when it comes to owning one? The best part being no extra cost encourages you to do it yourself.

DIY Milk Handbags

4. How to Make a Carton Wallet

Follow the easy method and have some wallets made of milk cartons.

How to Make a Carton Wallet

5. Milk Carton Coin Purse Tutorial

Learn yourself first and teach your kids later! An interesting activity to spend your leisure time with some creativity.

Milk Carton Coin Purse

6. Milk Carton Clutch Bag: Instruction

 A floral embellishment makes the bag even more interesting. Team it up with your cocktail dresses.

Milk Carton Clutch Bag

Be it you or your teenage son and daughter, such wallets and purses are good for all. They are trendy, stylish and useful without being pricey and you won’t be bored even a bit while making them.

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