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42+ Tutorials For Making Pipe Cleaner Animals

On a rainy day, engaging children in art and craft is a good idea since they can’t step outdoors. Let them indulge in pipe cleaner art and craft to spend the time productively. Apart from pipe cleaners most of the DIYs employ beads, pom poms, googly eyes and marker pens. The instructions are printable keeping your convenience in mind. If you have a lot of large pipe cleaners, you can create giant animals.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal

1. Colorful Pipe Cleaner Animals

As we know, chameleons can change color according to their surroundings. This project creates them in a multitude of colors to match with the paper leaves on which they are kept.

Pipe Cleaner Animals

2. Pipe Cleaner Zoo Animals

Rainy afternoons can be fun filled with these activities to keep you engaged. Build a zoo out of pipe cleaners with the instructions in the above-linked tutorial as your guide. An alligator, giraffe and elephant are made in the tutorial.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Animals

3. Pipe Cleaner Animal Steps

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Animal Step by Step

4. Pink Pipe Cleaner Animal

This cute pink flamingo might be too small for your yard, but it could rest peacefully in a corner of your study table. The difficulty level is intermediate and it takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Pipe Cleaner Animal Step By Step

5. Guide to Making Pipe Cleaner Animal

Twist pipe cleaners around your fingers for awesome toys that are nothing but finger puppets. Crafted keeping Halloween in mind, the cat is one hell of fun to make.

Pipe Cleaner Animal How-To

6. Directions for Making Pipe Cleaner Animals

Pipe cleaners, crazy eyes and glue are the staples of this project. A pencil has been used as an aid for coiling the pipe cleaners. A frog, bird and an elephant have been sculpted with the supplies.

Instructions for Making Pipe Cleaner Animals

7. Make Your Own Pipe Cleaner Animal

This pipe cleaner dog is a cool toy to play with. You would require pipe cleaners of the proper color, nose and eyes for this project. Beginners can start foraying into pipe cleaner animals with this project. Once you do this successfully, creating the other animals would be cakewalk for you.

Pipe Cleaner Animal DIY

8. Pipe Cleaner Animals Video

The tiny puppies are just wow! Kiddos would love them for their dollhouses. 2 and a half pipe cleaners and beads for the eyes and noses are all that you need for this craft. The tails are cuteness redefined!

Pipe Cleaner Animals Tutorial

Bigger beads look awesome on the dog. You can model it on your pet. Look how it is scrutinizing you!

Making Pipe Cleaner Pet

10. Pipe Cleaner Easy Animal

This cuddly bear would be a pleasure to make. The body needs 3 inches, legs 2 inches, arms 1.5 inch and ears 1 inch of pipe cleaners. The bends required in the pipe cleaners have been clearly shown with the help of a wire.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal

11. How to Make Animal Out Of Pipe Cleaners

This chameleon looks ready to blend into the surroundings. Green pipe cleaners do the trick for this one. Only the yellow felt eyes and the orange tongue can give it away in a lush backdrop.

Chameleon Out Of Pipe Cleaners

12. Animal Craft with Pipe Cleaners

The making involves just a few simple steps. Fold 2 thin pink pipe cleaners in halves and coil the ends into spirals. Tightly coil a thick grey pipe cleaner around a pencil for the body. Finish by inserting the bent pink pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaner Animal Craft

13. How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Spider

A foam ball constitutes the body of the spider and pipe cleaners look real as its legs. For Halloween, you can have a clear fishing line or a black thread to hang it producing an eerie effect.

Pipe Cleaner Spider

14. How to Make Spiders with Pipe Cleaners

Keep these spiders scattered around your home for a creepy feeling during Halloween. It would be fun for children as they can pick them up from the corners of the house and play with them. Colorful beads slid on the legs can give a colorful relief from the monochrome.

Pipe Cleaner Spider DIY

15. Reindeer Out Of Pipe Cleaners

The reindeer are great for Christmas decorations and are going to cast a spell on the onlookers. The simple instructions come with videos that aid in the building procedure. Special care should be taken while shaping the antlers.

Pipe Cleaner Reindeer

16. Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

This easy DIY can involve all the family members to come together for an enjoyable crafting experience. White, yellow and green pipe cleaners nail the pretty look of the winged creature.

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly

16. Pipe Cleaner Bumble Bee

You would need only a yellow pipe cleaner for shaping the body of the bumble bee. The black stripes are drawn with a Sharpie. Transparency paper is cut into the wing shape and hot glued to the back of the bee to complete the DIY.

Pipe Cleaner Bee

17. Snake with Pipe Cleaner

You can use this snake for puppeteering, playing and it is good for developing fine motor skills. A green pipe cleaner is coiled around a stick for the body. A pom pom goes into the making of the head with googly eyes stuck over it.

Pipe Cleaner Snake

18. Pipe Cleaner Cat

How to Make a Cat Out Of Pipe Cleaners

19. Jumbo Pipe Cleaner Bear

The page is in a foreign language. Just right click on the page and select “Translate to English” to be able to read the instructions. The pretty dress makes the bear all the more endearing.

How to Make a Bear Out Of Pipe Cleaners

20. Dogs Out Of Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Dogs

21. Dogs with Pipe Cleaners

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Dogs

22. Pipe Cleaner Bunny for Easter

How to Make a Bunny Out Of Pipe Cleaners

23. How to Make a Turkey Out Of Pipe Cleaners

The above-linked tutorial is for making napkin rings for a kid’s table. If you simply want to make the turkey just give the construction paper rings attached to the back of the turkey’s head a miss. Bend yellow pipe cleaners in a flower petal shape for the feet.

Pipe Cleaner Turkey

24. Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur

How to Make a Dinosaur Out Of Pipe Cleaners

25. Pipe Cleaner Monkey

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Monkey

26. Lovable Pipe Cleaner Panda

Twist black and white pipe cleaners according to the instructions for this big panda. Googly eyes look adorable on the pipe cleaner animal. Choosing fluffy pipe cleaners for the activity gives it a furry look.

Pipe Cleaner Panda

On similar lines, you can create a cute pig. There is no need to alternate between the black and white colors. Just use pink pipe cleaners. A button is glued to the nose part of the animal for a realistic feel.

Tiny Pipe Cleaner Pig

27. Cheap Pipe Cleaner Chameleon

This is inexpensive and easy to make. Just follow the instructions to create it within a few minutes. It is a great toy for children to play with.

Pipe Cleaner Chameleon

In the same vein, you can create a lion. Choose yellow and brown colors of pipe cleaners. Bend the tail in the manner shown in the picture and the legs should be so bent so that they end in tiny loops. Note the use of the brown pipe cleaner for the mane, nose and the tip of the tail.

Pipe Cleaner Lion

28. Curly Pipe Cleaner Worms

Pipe Cleaner Worms

29. Pipe Cleaner Fish in Water

Pipe Cleaner Fish

30. Creepy Pipe Cleaner Bug

Pipe Cleaner Bug

31. Pink Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear

Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear

32. Small Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar

Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar

33. Pipe Cleaner Love Birds

Pipe Cleaner Birds

34. Funny Pipe Cleaner Frog

Pipe Cleaner Frog

35. Cool Pipe Cleaner Creature

You can make a chameleon, tiger and a squirrel with the instructions given in the how-to. The basic directions for making the head and the body remain the same, with little variations in the other parts of the body.

Pipe Cleaner Creature

36. Orange And Black Pipe Cleaner Penguin

Pipe Cleaner Penguin

37. Pinecone and Pipe Cleaner Swans

Pipe Cleaner Swans

38. Lollipop and Pipe Cleaner Insects

Pipe Cleaner Insects

39. Green And Yellow Pipe Cleaner Turtle

The shell of the turtle can be of a single color such as green or a combination of yellow and green. Just coil the pipe cleaner of one color over that of another color. Note that building the coconut tree is optional.

Pipe Cleaner Turtle

40. Chenille Pipe Cleaner Mouse

Chenille Pipe Cleaner Animal

41. Mini Pipe Cleaner Tiger

Pipe Cleaner Tiger

42. Vintage Pipe Cleaner Lion

Vintage Pipe Cleaner Animal

It would be a cool idea to make a jungle, safari, rainforest, ocean or sea ecosystem with your homemade pipe cleaner animals. The realistic animals are sure to invoke awe in young as well as old. Display them in their full splendor in your living, room, study table or an obscure corner of your house to light up the surroundings.

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