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24 Ways to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers

One of the simplest and easily available craft supply is pipe cleaner. Inexpensive as well, it comes in a plethora of colors and can bend into any shape you like. So making a collection of flowers to beautify your newly gifted vases or pots is both fun and creative. Here are some funky ways to enhance the motor skills of your children while doing something unusual during their holidays.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Flowers

1. Pipe Cleaner Flowers for Kids

Colorful pipe cleaners can make the most vibrant flowers to turn your dwelling into a mini garden. Children would love to try their hands out on this project.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

2. Pipe Cleaner/Fuzzy Stick Flowers

Preschoolers are surely going to go gaga about this wonderful craft that involves the use of few chenille stems and a wooden dowel.

Pipe Cleaner Flower

3. How to Make a Flower with Pipe Cleaner: DIY

Whip out a beautiful rose to adorn your finger and make a unique style statement.

How to Make a Flower with Pipe Cleaner

4. How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet

If you want to give your mother dearest an unconventional present on Mother’s day, this pretty bouquet planted in a pot sounds cool and fun.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers

5. How to Make Flowers with Pipe Cleaner and Tissue Papers

Making Flowers with Tissue Paper and Pipe Cleaner

6. How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers for Easter

Another creative work you and your kiddos will enjoy the holidays. Making a bonnet out of these flowers is a one-of-kind craft.

Flowers made from Pipe Cleaners

7. Pipe Cleaner Flowers for Decoration

The more innovative ideas you have in your kitty, the better for the children to keep them busy. With chenille stems, you can think of different creations.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers for Kids

8. Tissue Paper and Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Decorate the inside of your house with a bunch of pipe cleaner flowers to drive away the winter blues when it is snowing outside.

How to Make Flowers with Tissue Paper and Pipe Cleaners

9. How to Make Flowers with Pipe Cleaners

How to Make a Flower out of Pipe Cleaners

10. Pipe Cleaner Flowers Tutorial

Now you don’t have to worry about the dearth of holiday gifts for your friends and family as this tutorial gives you the solution.

Pipe Cleaner Craft Flowers

11. How to make Flower Rings from Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

12. Flower Pipe Cleaner

A staple decorative element for all occasions, the chenille stem flower is a beauty that would be loved by all.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Instructions

13. Crafty Kitchen Pipe Cleaner Flowers

The stunning petals made from colored paper attached to a pipe cleaner stem would remind you of your good old school days.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers with Construction Paper

14. Miniature Pipe Cleaner Flower Pots

Don’t you love the way foam cups have been utilized as the receptacle for the flowers? It’s time to bring home a variety of pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Pots

15. Step by Step Tutorial for Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Never underestimate the power of tinsel stems that bring a floral atmosphere to your home without the need of stepping into a garden.

Felt and Pipe Cleaner Flowers

16. Pipe Cleaner Coffee Filter Flower Art

Love playing with watercolors? This tutorial is not just about using pipe cleaners but also doing something artistic with coffee filters.

Coffee Filter and Pipe Cleaner Flowers

17. Cool Pipe Cleaner Flower

If beading is your favorite hobby, you will have a gala time using tons of beads, and metallic cleaner stems to make flowers.

Pipe Cleaner Bead Flower

18. DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Crown

As a wedding flower crown, you cannot deny wearing this eye-catching headband to grab the eyeballs on your special day.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Crown

19. Pipe Cleaner Flowers: How-To

Are you opting for something sturdy for the flowers? Use those egg cartons that would be otherwise dumped into the garbage to make ornamental artificial flowers with tinsel stems.

Pipe Cleaner Egg Carton Flowers

20. Pipe Cleaner Flower Idea

Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairy

21. Pipe Cleaner Stem Flower

An out-of-the-box décor idea is right in front of you that would hardly cost you anything, especially if you make frequent trips to charity stores.

Pipe Cleaner Lotus Flower

22. How to Make a Pretty Flower Pen

All your best-loved craft materials are here in the tutorial right from Mason jar, exotic pebbles, pen, and pipe cleaners to make a flower-filled vase.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Pen

23. Plastic Spoon Spring Flower Craft for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Flower Spoon

24. Pipe Cleaner Flower Rose

Pipe Cleaner Flowers Rose

Hope these interesting tutorials have inspired you to make flamboyant blooms to add some zing to your interiors and motivate the kids to utilize their free time.

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