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19+ Ways to Make a Pop-up Book

Pop-up books look pretty and offer you a unique way of teaching. You can have the pop-ups on a single page or all the pages. Make them colorful and cheery so that they can hold a kid’s attention. They are usually used to tell stories though some are designed for showing reports and scientific facts.

Pop-up Book Pictures

1. Pop-up Book Directions

The lovely pink backdrop makes this book exquisite. The 3D effect adds to its looks. You can draw any picture of your choice and cut it according to the guidelines for the desired effect.

How to Make a Pop-up Book

2. DIY Pop-up Book Idea

You can write a poem on your handmade pop-up book and make it interactive with the readers. Add bright colors to make it kid-friendly.

DIY Pop-up Book

3. Make a Pop-up Book Step By Step

Pop-up Book Step by Step

4. Complex Pop-up Book Guide

Complex Pop-up Book

5. Simple Pop-up Book Steps

This pop-up book is easy and hence, suits beginners. Be careful with the cutting part as it lends character to the craft.

Simple Pop-up Book

6. One Pop-up Page in a Book

Pop-up Book on One Page

7. Detailed Pop-up Book Tutorial

Don’t the trees in the pop-up book look lovely? You can tell the story of a forest through this DIY. Children would be excited about the lush greenery depicted on the pages. Following the same guide you can make persons and animals in your book.

Pop-up Book Tutorial

8. Bright Pop-up House Book

A house pop-up in your book looks quaint and charming. You can design the house in any style you like. Don’t forget to add vivid colors.

Pop-up House Book

9. Moving Pop-up Book Instructions

A pop-up book with moving parts would catch the fancy of many. Moreover, it boasts of professional looks. You can craft it from paper that is a little stiff, like construction paper.

Moving Pop-up Book

10. Homemade Pop-up Book with Paper

Homemade Paper Pop-up Book

11. Instructions On How to Make Something Pop Up In a Book

nstructions for Making Something Pop Up in a Book

12. Cool Solar System Pop-up Book

Teach children the solar system in an interesting way by making a pop-up book. Ensure that it has the drawings or pictures of all the planets and the sun.

Solar System Pop-up Book

Following the same method as above, you can make a giant pop-up book out of paper for entertaining kids and adults alike. A good idea would be to gather a group and tell a story to your audience by turning the pages of the book.

Life-size Pop-up Book

13. Simple Pop-up Book Letters for Kids

Letters add a unique touch of personalization to your project. If you know the technique of making a pop-up card, things will be easier for you. Just join multiple cards/pages back to back and you have a pop-up book.

Pop-up Letters in a Book for Kids

14. Snazzy Pop-up Book with Pull Tab

Pop-up Book with Pull Tab

15. Pop-up Pyramid Book Video

Pyramid Pop-up Book

16. Pop-up CastleBook DIY Idea

A castle pop-up on a page of a book looks beautiful and can serve as the backdrop of an interesting story of kings and princesses. Make the pop-up colorful and vivid to attract children to the book.

Pop-up Book Castle

Once you are comfortable with the above procedure, you can make a Christmas pop-up book with x-mas trees, Santa, snowmen, etc. for the holiday season.

Christmas Pop-up Book

17. Lush Pop-up Book Report

Pop-up Book Report

18. ScenicPop-up Book Using Folder

Pop-up Book Using Folder

19. Pop-up Story Book DIY

Pop-up Story Book

It would be fun to put this craft together with little munchkins. They would be excited to tell a story through their own pop-up book. Remember that a pop-up book is not only used to tell a story but explain academic concepts as well.

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