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8 Wine Barrel Planter How -Tos

The wooden wine barrels add a rustic feel to your garden. Oak wine barrels are a classy receptacle for your favorite flowers. While you can easily use plastic barrel planters for serving the purpose, the charm of used barrels is hard to beat.

Wine Barrel Planter Ideas

Wine Barrel Planter with Liner

Keep your plants within your easy reach by making these adorable wine bottle planters. They make it a whole lot easier to maintain your soils. You can attach a strong dolly at the bottom if you want it to be portable.

Wine Barrel Planters

Wine Barrel Planters

Painted Wine Barrel Planter

This creative upcycling project offers a cheerful vibe to your garden. Here is one reason for you to be passionate about your old wine barrels. Once you are done, splash on paints of your choice.

Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter Idea

Savor the vintage look of this stunning wine barrel planter with a stand that carries with it an exotic aura of old-world charm.

Half Wine Barrel Planter

Unique Wine Bottle Planter

This delightful design boasts of 6 tiers having 9 separate planting areas. It is a smart variation of the common half-barrel planter.

Using Wine Barrel as Planter

Using Wine Barrel as Planter

Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel for Planter

You can use this idea to plant trees as well. It will add an edge to the looks of your garden.

Wine Barrel Planter for Tree

Wine Barrel Planter for Tree

Gorgeous Wine Barrel Planter

You can use an empty whiskey barrel to create this wonder project for your blossoms.

DIY Wine Barrel Planter

DIY Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter Garden

How to Make Wine Barrel Planters

Don your craft hat and get to work with the above set of tutorials as your guide. The delightful fruits of your creativity will be an instant hit with your friends and guests. Best of luck with these impressive conversation pieces.

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