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14 Bow Scrunchie How-To’s

A bow scrunchie sits pretty on your hair and captures hearts with its chic looks. Though you may be inclined to think that it is a modern trend, its use as a hair accessory can be traced down the ages.  If you want to make one of your own, what better place to learn than this post that has a collection of great tutorials?

Bow Scrunchie Pictures

1. Instructions for Bow Scrunchies

This project gives you a lovely opportunity to utilize your scrap fabric. You can use any material like silk, velvet, satin, etc. with patterns such as leopard prints, cheetah prints, gingham checks, plaid, florals, stripes, polka dots, etc.

Bow Scrunchies

2. Bow Hair Scrunchie

A bright yellow color of a scrunchie with a bow would look beautiful on your little girl. You can use it to tie a ponytail or wear it on your wrist if you want to keep your hair open at times. Either way, it looks gorgeous!

Hair Bow Scrunchie

3. Fancy Knotted Scrunchies

Knotted Scrunchies

4. Velvet Scrunchie Bow

A velvet hair bow scrunchie looks cute on your mane. You can keep the tails long or short as per your choice.

Velvet Bow Scrunchie

5. DIY Hair Scrunchie with Bow

If you want a neat look of your hair, you can try your hand in making an uplifting scrunchie bow. It keeps the hair from falling on your face and looks dapper.

Hair Scrunchie with Bow

6. Scrunchie Bow Hair Tie

A white bow tie hair scrunchie like the one in the picture below would win you over with its floral patterns. Done with the help of a pattern, this one needs some sewing.

Bow Tie Scrunchie

7. How to Make Bow Scrunchies

How to Make Scrunchie Bows

8. Darling Draped Bow Scrunchie

Draped Bow Scrunchie

9. Long and Bright Bow Scrunchies

A big bow scrunchie can be an eyeball grabber at a social do. The go-to colors of the fabric or ribbons are red, pink, white and black.

Long Bow Scrunchies

10. Knot Bow Scrunchie DIY

Knot Bow Scrunchies

11. Tutorial for Cute Scrunchies with Bows

Cute Scrunchies with Bows

12. Charming Bunny Bow Scrunchie

Bunny Bow Scrunchie

13. Elegant Scarf Bow Scrunchie

The video tutorial that you would find in the above-linked article shows you how to make two styles of scrunchies, the scarf style and the knotted, bunny ears style. If you want, you can also make this out of a thin bandana.

Scarf Bow Scrunchie

14. Pattern for Knotted Hair Scrunchies

Knotted Hair Scrunchie Pattern

Our efforts in compiling the tutorials for some of the best bow scrunchies will be fruitful if you are successful in making one yourself. We are sure that you would have a good time making the scrunchie bow ties and would love the compliments that would pour in when you flaunt them.

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