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15 Cardboard Boat Designs

A good cardboard boat would allow you to ace many a regatta. The smaller models can be an adorable toy for kids. Cardboard boats can also be used as stage or photo booth props and Halloween costumes. While some designs might be a bit complex requiring a plan, others can be made quite simply, with or without templates.

Pictures of Cardboard Boat Designs

1. DIY Cardboard Boat

This free cardboard fishing boat pattern would get you hooked. Once you are done with the construction of the model, you would have a gala time painting it red.

Cardboard Boat

2. Cool Cardboard Boat Design

This boat is made out of a cardboard box. The DIY starts by cutting off the box flaps with a craft knife. A sail is added to the boat to make it look good.

Cardboard Boat Design

3. Instructions for a Cardboard Boat That Floats

This cardboard boat regatta design really works. You can use a template for your DIY boat. There are written instructions as well as a video tutorial to guide you with the construction. It is a good boat design for two people.

Cardboard Boat That Floats

4. Make a Boat Out Of Cardboard

This simple cardboard toy boat can be done as a school project. It ensures hours of pure bliss as you indulge in the craft with your friends.

How to Make a Cardboard Boat

5. Building a Cardboard Boat

A simple step by step on how to build a pirate ship cardboard boat is offered in the above-linked tutorial. Kids would love it!

Build a Cardboard Boat

6. Best Cardboard Board Design for You

This DIY uses a template. It is one of the best ways to build a cardboard boat. Study the free pattern carefully before embarking on the project.

Best Cardboard Boat Design

7. Cardboard Boat Design Idea

Cardboard Boat Idea

8. Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Design

Cardboard Boat Design with Duct Tape

9. Boat Out Of Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box Boat

10. Cardboard Boat Design Plan

This is a blueprint of a successful cardboard boat that won’t sink. You need just to follow the steps that are included in the boat making guide.

Cardboard Boat Plan

11. Cardboard Pontoon Boat Design

Cardboard Pontoon Boat

12. Small Blue Cardboard Boat Prop

This cardboard pirate boat can be used as a stage prop. The images given with the tutorial would inspire you in the craft.

Small Cardboard Boat Prop

13. Steps to Build a Halloween Cardboard Boat Prop

This cool cardboard boat costume can be used as a Halloween prop. Your munchkin would look cute wearing it. You need to be careful with the cutout so that it fits him.

Build A Halloween Cardboard Boat Prop

14. Lovely Moana Cardboard Boat

Moana Cardboard Boat

15. DIY Cardboard Gondola Boat

Cardboard Gondola Boat

The free patterns would help you a lot in the craft. You can build various designs of boats with them like a fishing boat, gondola, canoe, pirate boat, pontoon, etc. It basically requires some cutting, gluing or taping and, in some cases, painting.

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