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13+ Designs to Make a Jewelry Box with Cardboard For Your Necklace, Earrings, and Rings

If you have a knack of DIYing almost everything of your daily need rather than spending a fortune on it, then stylish jewelry boxes made of cardboard would perhaps be the next thing on you bucket list. It is easy to make, requiring just cardboard, glue and decorative paper, with embellishments being optional. Check out the tutorials below to make amazing jewelry boxes using cardboard.

Cardboard Jewelry Box Design Pictures

1. Cardboard Jewelry Boxes DIY

If giving it as a gift, a showy bow may be placed right on top of the box. Add another drawer if you intend to design it into a multi-storied jewelry box.

Cardboard Jewelry Box

2. Creative Square Cardboard Jewelry Box with Lid DIY

The mirrors decorated with colorful yarn add to the elegance of the jewelry box.

DIY Jewelry Box Cardboard for Necklace

A small square box like this one would be perfect to fit in your earrings. Follow the tutorial in the link mentioned above and holla this stylish box would be made in no time.

Blue Square Cardboard Jewelry Box

3. Recycled Long Jewelry Box with Lid Using Toothpaste Cover

To accommodate a lot of stuff, small chambers like the one shown here should be added.

Small Cardboard Jewelry Boxes with Lids

If you have a big shoe box, then an elaborate jewelry box with compartments can be made to accommodate your bangles, necklaces, and earrings by taking a cue from the above DIY.

Cardboard Shoe Jewelry Box

4. How to Make a Cardboard Jewelry Gift Box

Put a pop-up card within to surprise the recipient the moment he or she receives it.

How to Make a Cardboard Jewelry Gift Box

5. How to Make a Small Jewelry Box Out of Poster Board

This design would be apt if you are giving it as a gift. Wrap it with a gorgeous brown decoration paper for a rustic look and you can even put a nice bow on top.

How to Make a Small Jewelry Box Out of Cardboard

To gift an engagement ring to your beloved, what can be better than a homemade jewelry box like the one shown in the picture. If giving it to a male, a black or brown box would be perfect, while pink or purple are the preferred shades for females.

Cardboard Jewelry Box Inserts for Rings

6. DIY Vintage Floral Cardboard Jewelry Box

Embellish the top with glitters and buttons for a unique look.

Vintage Cardboard Jewelry Box

You could take help of a printable template like this one for the designs.

Cardboard Jewelry Box Template

7. Green Cardboard Jewelry Boxes Tutorial

If planning to gift it to someone on Halloween then following the tutorial above, you could design a black jewelry box.

Green Cardboard Jewelry Box

To make a box like the one in the image, follow the tutorial in the above link, the only exception being the leather that would be glued to the cardboard in place of the fabric.

Leather Covered Cardboard Jewelry Box

8. DIY Jewelry Box Using Cardboard, Burlap and Duct tape

The burlap, lace and twine give the box a gorgeous look.

Handmade Cardboard Burlap Jewelry Box

9. DIY Recycled Handmade Jewelry Box

Recycled Cardboard Jewelry Box

10. DIY Secret Jewelry Box Made from Cardboard

While gifting it to someone on the occasion of his or her wedding, adding a secret chamber within would be a pleasant surprise for the bride and groom.

DIY Secret Jewelry Box from Cardboard

11. DIY Big Multi-Storeyed Jewelry Box with Matchbox

To keep your necklace and earrings all in one place, this multi-storeyed jewelry box would suit you the best.

How to Make a Jewelry Box Cardboard Multi-Storey

12. DIY Pretty Pink Jewelry Box from Upcycled Cardboard

Pink Cardboard Jewelry Box

13. Heart-Shaped Jewelry Box Using Cardboard

Write a cute message on top and see the delight on your girlfriend or wife’s face.

Heart-Shaped Cardboard Jewelry Box for Valentine’s Day

With these tutorials above, you could make a big, small or medium-sized jewelry box, of any shape from square to rectangle and any color for your loved ones.

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  1. Wow, These look amazing jewelry box. Nice combination of cardboard and decorative paper. I will try it for sure. Thanks for the sharing your DIY project with all of us.

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