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12 Cardboard Cat Scratcher DIYs

Cardboard cat scratchers keep your feline friends active and provide them with a playing area. Corrugated cardboard is one of the best materials to make cat scratch pads. You can design them in a variety of shapes such as circle, square, cube, etc. While the commercially available ones come at a price, you can opt for a cheaper version by making one at home.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Pictures

1. Big Cardboard Cat scratchers

Keep your kitty happy by making these large cat scratchers in large, rectangular shapes. They would stop it from scratching away at unfavorable places.

Cardboard Cat Scratchers

2. Cardboard Cat House Scratcher

This cat scratcher cum house looks attractive, doesn’t it? Your pet can stay holed up in it and come out whenever it wishes to. The scratch friendly surface comes as a plus.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher House

3. DIY Cat Scratcher from Cardboard

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher

4. Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Christmas

Christmas Cardboard Cat Scratcher

5. Cozy Cardboard Cat Scratcher Bed

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Bed

6. Cat Scratcher Out Of Cardboard

How to Make Cat Scratcher Out Of Cardboard

7. Tower Cardboard Cat Scratcher

A tall, vertical post would be a great scratching space for your feline friend. It should be made firm and sturdy to prevent it from falling under pressure.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Tower

8. Square Cardboard Cat Scratcher Video Tutorial

Square Cardboard Cat Scratcher

9. DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube

A cat scratcher in cubic shape offers ample avenue for your pet to play. The above-linked tutorial also has instructions on designing a curved scratch pad.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube

10. Homemade Circle Cardboard Scratcher for Cat

A round cat scratcher made from cardboard would be a great gift for your pet. You would enjoy the making procedure too. Keep your kitty busy with this one.

Homemade Circle Cardboard Cat Scratcher

11. DIY Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

12. Extra Large Cat Scratcher from Cardboard

A giant cardboard cat scratcher serves as the perfect lounging pad for your kitty. You would love to watch it scratch away and play on it.

Extra Large Cardboard Cat Scratcher

You would have a great time making the cat scratchers in various shapes and sizes. They would keep your cat scratch-happy. They would also shun them from tearing your important documents and other significant stuff. So gather your materials and start right away. If you want, you can decorate and paint them. They can also sport your cat’s name.

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