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Cheerio Bird Feeder: 8 Fun Tutorials

Cheerios make a wonderful treat for all sorts of birds, be it your pet ones or those flying free in the wild. So, making a bird feeder with Cheerios can be a nice idea. Here are some easy yet amazing methods given for making such bird feeders to entice any craft enthusiast.

Cheerio Bird Feeder Pictures

1. DIY Cheerio Bird Feeder

Some colorful pipe cleaners and a handful of cheerios will be enough to make this cute bird feeder. Make them with your kids and have fun together. You may hang them one after another on a string and place it in an exposed area where it is easy for birds to come and have a bite.

Cheerio Bird Feeders

2. How to Make a Cheerio Bird Feeder with Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaners and Cheerio Bird Feeders

3. Heart-Shaped Cheerio Bird Feeder Tutorial

Use some pipe cleaners to make bird feeders in a cute heart shape. You can hang them separately if you wish or make an overlapping pattern like the following one.

Heart-Shaped Cheerio Bird Feeders

4. Round Bird Feeder Instruction

Instead of using only Cheerios you can also add some bird seeds for more fun. Just brush a regular Cheerio feeder with some honey and sprinkle the seeds so they would stick.

Easy Cheerio Bird Feeders

5. Cheerio Bird Feeder Craft

Incorporating a few additional items like wax papers, and cardboard tubes will result into an amazing bird feeder. These might be a little different in looks, but so appropriate for those feathered darlings.

Cheerio Bird Feeder Craft

6. How to Make Cheerio Bird Feeders in 10 Minutes

How to Make Cheerio Bird Feeders

7. Valentine’s Day Cheerio Bird Feeder

Some Cheerios, ribbons and pipe cleaners can do wonder! Take a look at the instruction and make a string of Valentine themed  feeders to send a message of love to you winged friends.

Cheerio Bird Feeder Instruction

8. Cheerio Bird Feeder for Garden

Cheerio Bird Feeder for Garden

As is the case with any art, thoughts are limitless, and as long as our mind is awake, it never fails to produce unique and creative ideas. How wonderful it would be if we all come together and make more such things to help other living species.

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