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16+ DIYs to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder

If you have an undying love for birds and are pondering over ways to make a bird feeder, then consider making ones out of wood as they have a greater longevity and durability.

DIY Wooden Bird Feeder Pictures

1. How to Make Wooden Bird Feeders

Place this wooden bird feeder in your garden if you have one and your feathered friends would have a whale of a time in gorging on whatever is there inside.

Wooden Bird Feeder Picture

2. Large Wooden Bird Feeders DIY

This enormous bird feeder would be apt if you have too many birdies thronging at your home.

Large Wooden Bird Feeder

3. DIY to Build a Bird Feeder

Go for a bigger of support if you intend to provide shelter to the birds when the weather is rough.

DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

4. Instructions on How to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder at Home

Setting the lip at the bird feeder at an increased height helps in keeping away squirrels and other garden pets which could rampage it.

How to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder at Home

5. DIY Wooden Bird Feeder Plan For Free

Wooden Bird Feeder Plan For Free

6. Directions to Make a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder with Wooden Spoons

The spoons emerging from the plastic bottles give the bird feeder an innovative look.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder with Wooden Spoons

7. How to Build Your Own Wooden Bird Feeder

Using soffit material at the bottom of the feeder helps draining out the rainwater.

How to Build Your Own Wooden Bird Feeder

8. How to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder Table

Wooden Bird Feeder Table Plan

Taking a cue from the instructions above, this bird feeder can be made in the same way, the only inclusion being the baskets at the side.

Wooden Wild Bird Feeder with Basket

9. How to Build a Simple Bird Feeder

The chain hanging from the tree gives it a unique look altogether.

How to Make a Simple Wooden Bird Feeder

For a cool and funky look, paint the bird feeder pink as shown in the picture below.

Wooden Pink Bird Feeder

10. DIY to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder

Wooden Octagon Bird Feeder

11. Instructions to Make a Swing Bench Bird Feeder

Color the popsicle sticks green if you plan to make it as a part of your Christmas craft.

Wooden Swing Bird Feeder

12. Directions to Make a Blue Jay Bird Feeder

The circular shape of the wood, and the blue paint smeared on it gives it a royal look.

Wooden Blue Jay Bird Feeder

Taking a cue from the tutorial above,  a bird feeder in the shape of a cardinal bird can be made.

Cardinal Shaped Wooden Bird Feeder

13. Homemade Cedar Birdfeeder Ideas

Set it at an increased height to prevent squirrels from pecking at the seeds.

Homemade Wooden Bird Feeder Plan

14. Creative Design to Make a Fancy Wooden Bird Feeder

This red bird feeder would be a perfect Christmas fiesta for your birdie.

Creative Wooden Bird Feeder Design

15. Handmade Wooden Bird Feeder Using a Mason Jar

Paint the mason jar, selecting the color in accordance with the occasion to for a grand appearance.

Mason Jar Handmade Wooden Bird Feeder

16. An Easy to Make Wooden Bird Feeder Station

If you have a lot of birds frequenting your home, then this wooden bird station would be a perfect choice.

Wooden Bird Feeder Station

These wooden bird feeder ideas are indeed spectacular to help you cherish your desire of bird watching. Besides wood, you can make bird feeders using other objects like PVC pipe, pine cone, milk jug, and milk carton.

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  1. Hannah Lewis says:

    Do you not have plans for the cardinal shaped feeder? Not sure how i can take the bluebird feeder and turn that into a cardinal as you suggested.

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