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11+ Ways to Make a Bird Feeder out of PVC Pipe

Have you some PVC pipe leftovers lying in your basement? Use them to make bird feeders, bringing nature closer to your house. Also, it is a feasible way of eliminating food waste without any additional cost. Check out some cool DIYs to build a robust feeder for your winged buddies.

Bird Feeder out of PVC Pipe

1. Homemade PVC Bird Feeder

Akin to a birdhouse, your backyard friends would love visiting you when you put up this nifty feeder.

PVC Bird Feeder Plan

2. How to Make a PVC Pipe Bird Feeder

Take a quick trip to the plumbing store and get started with your version of a bird feeder. Whip up a nice recipe for the birds and see them gorging on it with delight.

PVC Bird Feeder

Make the bird feeder look a bit interesting by piercing two more holes and filling it up with food-loaded wiffle balls.

PVC Ball Bird Feeder

3. Squirrel-Proof PVC Bird Feeder

Here, at the opposite sides of the feeder perches have been fixed for enabling the birds to stand and eat with comfort.

PVC Pipe Bird Feeder

4. PVC Tube Bird Feeder

How to Make a Bird Feeder out of PVC Pipe

5. How to Build a Telescoping PVC Birdfeeder

The rigidity of a PVC pipe ensures the durability of the feeder. You can either suspend it from the roof of your porch or a tree branch in the backyard.

PVC Bird Feeder Image

6. PVC Weather Proof Bird Feeder

Bring some vibrancy to your back garden pouring your favorite colors on the PVC feeder. The Frisbee fixed at the base makes it easier for your feathered pals to eat to their heart’s content.

Big Bird PVC Bird Feeder

7. Small PVC Bird Feeder

Although a PVC pipe has been used in the DIY project, it mainly functions as a support for the dishes, one of which holds the food.

Spill Proof PVC Bird Feeder

8. Free PVC Bird Feeder Tutorial

If you have a long pole erected somewhere in your backyard, then you can fix a PVC pipe and make it operational as a bird feeder.

PVC Bird Feeder Pole

9. Gravity Fed Poultry Feeder

Ideal for a countryside home, these feeders have been designed in such a way that the poultry birds can devour the food without any trouble.

PVC Gravity Bird Feeder

10. Large PVC Chicken Feeder

The feeder aided with squirrel baffle serves the birds as well as keeps the pesky rodents away from your garden.

PVC Bird Feeder Design

11. How to Build a Chicken Bird Feeder

DIY PVC Bird Feeder

These creative PVC bird feeders give you a chance to enjoy bird-watching in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you do not require a huge list of materials to build them.

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