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21 Cool Cut T-Shirt Designs and Ideas

If you have old and big t-shirts, you can jazz them up by cutting. The cuts can be small or big depending on the design. This article gives you a lowdown of the different cut t-shirt patterns with the cutting tutorials. Having a bevy of design ideas in your kitty, you are ready to rock your look. Wear them to the gym, party, Zumba classes or a concert with equal aplomb.

T-Shirt Designs and Ideas Picture

1. Easy Cut T-Shirt Design

Transform a plain, large t-shirt into an 80’s style one by following the above-linked tutorial. Wear it to retro-themed do’s and let the compliments flow. You can involve kids in the simple project.

Cut T-Shirt

2. Cut out V Neck T-Shirt

Cut a small or a medium V in a shirt to look chic and trendy. You can cut the triangle shape in the front or the back of the t-shirt. You can also cut a small apple shape for a cute look that would be an instant hit with girls.

How to Cut a T-Shirt

3. DIY T-Shirt Cutting Into Muscle Shirt

T-Shirt Cutting

4. Feminine Cut up T-Shirt Design

Know how to make choker cut-out t-shirts by following the tutorial linked above. Make a cute style statement and turn heads with your DIY skills.

Cut T-Shirt Designs

5. How to Cut Up a T-Shirt

This cut-up T-shirt idea would be a rage with the young and trendy. The deep V cut in the bust region highlights your curves beautifully. You can make it a boat neck or a scoop neck if you wish. Note the braiding of the cut strips of the t-shirt in front. The written instructions come replete with a video to guide you through the simple project.

Cut Up T-Shirt

6. DIY T-Shirt Cutting Idea

The cold shoulder design of this cut t-shirt looks awesome. Flaunt it at parties and you are sure to be the center of attraction.

T-Shirt Cutting Idea

7. Creative T-Shirt Cutting Technique

T-Shirt Cutting Technique

8. Cute Way to Cut an Oversized T-Shirt

Cut an Oversized T-Shirt

9. Simple Cut T-Shirt Neckline Idea

Tap into the unique style statement of a choker necklace by sporting this cool band T-shirt with a chest cut out. Depending on the type of tee that you choose for the project, your look can be full of rock energy or be a timeless classic.

Cut T-Shirt Neckline

10. Chic DIY Cut T-Shirt

DIY Cut T-Shirt

11. Tutorial for Cutting a T-Shirt into a Crop Top

A knotted crop top design made from a plain loose fit white t-shirt can be quite an eyeball grabber. Rock your summers by flaunting this one.

T-Shirt Cutting Tutorial

12. Cool DIY T-Shirt Cutting Idea No Sew

The edgy back design of this black t-shirt could be the talking point of the onlookers. The small V cut in the front is pretty.

Cool T-Shirt Cutting Idea No Sew

13. GlamCut out T-shirt

Cut Out T-Shirt

14. T-Shirt Cutting Instructions Step By Step

T-Shirt Cutting Instructions

15. Cutting Sleeves off A T-Shirt to Turn it into a Muscle Tee

Take a regular t-shirt and transform it into a muscle t-shirt by following the simple instructions. The supplies are just scissors and a t-shirt.

Cutting Sleeves off T-Shirt

For Halloween, you can cut off small patches from a white t-shirt randomly and put red paint along their borders. It makes a scary cut up zombie t-shirt.

16. Cuttingoff the Shoulder T-Shirt

An off the shoulder neckline top is a wardrobe staple. Did you know that you can cut a basic tee into the coveted dress? Click on the heading to know more. It requires cutting and sewing.

Cutting T-Shirt off The Shoulder

17. Cute Way to Cut a Men’s T-Shirt into Women’s

Cut Men’s T-Shirt into Women’s

18. Cut an Oversized T-Shirt into a Racerback Tank Top

Cut Oversized T-Shirt

19. Cut T-Shirt Design with Side Ties

The corset looks of this side cut t-shirt boasts of a sensuous vibe. Cut an oversized men’s t-shirt along the lines of a tank top that is of the right size, poke holes to its sides and thread red t-shirt yarn through them.

Side Cut T-Shirt Design

20. Stylish Cut T-Shirt Halter Top

A good cut off t-shirt can replicate the looks of a halter top and up your hotness quotient by notches. The striking color is a stunner.

Cut T-Shirt Halter Top

21. Cut a Spider Web T-Shirt

This black cut t-shirt would be a pop pick for Halloween. Using the same principle of using paper templates to cut out the desired shape you can create rib cage, skeleton and skull cut out t-shirts.

Cut Spider Web T-Shirt

You can cut out plus-sized t-shirts and use them as cute beach cover ups. The different ways of cutting and designing your own t-shirts are sure to win you over with their unique style statements. Note that though the above collection is geared towards women, some of them are unisex and can be sported by fashionable guys with elan.

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