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13+ Cute yet Simple Paper Bag Reindeer

Get into a fun mood as these paper bag reindeer tutorials to guide you into making your own homemade Rudolph. You don’t need to go through any complex instructions as the procedure is quite plain. You also don’t need to bear the hassle of collecting a lot of hard-to-get supplies. Don your creative hat and prepare to indulge yourself in some serious Christmas fun.

Cute yet Simple Paper Bag Reindeer

1. Reindeer Out Of a Paper Bag

Kids would love to wrap Christmas presents in their handmade reindeer paper bags. You can make a bunch of these and line them up on the mantel or a table in the hallway for display until they are given out.

Paper Bag Reindeer

2. Paper Bag Reindeer Christmas Craft

You would need a brown paper bag, googly eyes, red pom pom ball and brown paper for this craft. Glue the eyes and red nose on the bag. Then trace a kid’s hands on brown paper, cut them out and glue them on top of the bag to signify the antlers.

Reindeer Paper Bag Craft

3. Reindeer from Paper Bag

The antlers of this cute reindeer are made out of black construction paper. The ears are in the shape of leaves. Smaller pink construction paper shapes are glued on bigger brown shapes for these. The large jingle bell glued on the red belt is a charming addition.

Reindeer with Paper Bag

4. Brown Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet

Cut out 2 brown paper handprints and tape them to the back of a paper bag. Now fold each corner of the flap under and tape them in place. Complete the puppet with a red circle for the nose, 2 large wiggly eyes and a mouth drawn by a marker.

Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet

More paper bag puppets

5. Cute Paper Bag Reindeer

Collect all your Christmas goodies in this fun bag. A reindeer head cutout is pasted at the top of the brown paper lunch bag. Atop that, you have the antlers that are nothing but children’s hands traced and cut out from white paper.

Reindeer Paper Bag

6. Brown Paper Bag Reindeer Craft

Dress up used paper bags to create this unique reindeer. Before starting, you need to pop out the sides of the bag so that its face becomes wider. Cut out antlers off the upper portion and refold the bottom part so that it can sit like a normal lunch bag.

Paper Bag Reindeer Craft

7. Reindeer Paper Bag Craft Template

Paper Bag Reindeer Template

8. Free Pattern for Paper Bag Reindeer

Paper Bag Reindeer Pattern

9. Printable For a Reindeer Paper Bag

Reindeer Paper Bag Printable

10. Paper Bag Reindeer Step By Step

How to Make a Paper Bag Reindeer

Give the yarn for the handle a miss and pierce 2 holes near the top of the bag so that you can insert candy canes in them. Sweet antlers, what say?

Paper Bag Reindeer with Candy Canes

11. How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Reindeer

Brown Paper Bag Reindeer

12. Reindeer Paper Gift Bag Craft

Paper Bag Reindeer Gift Bags

13. Reindeer Food Paper Bag

You can fold down a grocery bag for storing food and snacks. Inside you can have goldfish, pretzel sticks, honeycomb cereal, marshmallows, etc. Cut out round paper eyes and nose and glue them to the bag. Paint the eyes black and the nose red with some glitter thrown in.

Reindeer Food Paper Bag Craft

With the winter chill setting in, we are sure that you would love to fold, cut, paint and glue the paper bags. If you are too bored of the brown color, try out the DIY with printed and patterned bags. You could do with a bit of innovation and try out pipe cleaners for the antlers. Come up with new ideas of decorating the bags reindeer-style and feel free to share them with us.

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