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14+ DIY Magnetic Bookmarks

If you are bored with the regular paper and fabric bookmarks, you can go one step further and make magnetic ones. They have a tech feel to them and look great with their folds. The prominence they bring in to the marked page is unparalleled. You can gain a child’s attention by making them in the shapes of popular animated characters.

DIY Magnetic Bookmark Pictures

1. Make Your Own Magnetic Bookmarks

Your kids would love to have these magnetic bookmarks designed keeping their favorite fictional characters in mind. They would motivate youngsters to read.

Magnetic Bookmarks

2. Magnetic Mini Bookmarks in Harry Potter Theme

You can involve your Harry Potter fan kiddo in this craft and it would light up his eyes in excitement. The small magnetic bookmark project takes the help of Cricut. You would have to add crests, ties and shoes to the basic shape of the characters.

Harry Potter Magnetic Bookmarks

Marvel Endgame fans would be thrilled to design bookmarks based on their favorite characters featured in the comic books and on screen.

Marvel Character Magnetic Bookmarks

3. Magnetic Bookmark Instructions

Book enthusiasts would develop an instant liking for these creative bookmarks. You can download and color the templates before attaching magnetic strips to them.

Magnetic Bookmarks DIY

4. Leather Magnetic Bookmark Guide

This dainty bookmark is a combination of gold foil, black linen and luxe leather. We can already find your eyes widening in awe. Just click on the above link for the deets.

DIY Magnetic Bookmark

5. Christian Magnetic Bookmarks Step By Step

Christian Magnetic Bookmarks

6. Laminated Magnetic Bookmark Directions

How to Make Laminated Magnetic Bookmark

7. Adorable Cat Magnetic Bookmarks

Since this tutorial is in a foreign language, you need to right click on the page and translate the text to English. This would be a fun craft for kitty lovers.

Cat Magnetic Bookmarks

8. Simple Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial for Kids

Bookworms, mark the last page you read in style before dozing off by using this designer bookmark. It has eye patterns on it and is easy to craft.

Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial for Kids

9. Magnetic Bookmark Page Clips

Magnetic Page Clips Bookmarks

10. Guiding Star Religious Magnetic Bookmark

The religious folks would be delighted with this guide for a perfect Bible bookmark. You can pen down beautiful quotes from the holy book of Christians on the bookmark.

Religious Magnetic Bookmark

11. Fancy Dog Magnetic Bookmarks

Dog lovers are going to swear by these magnetic bookmarks. Note that you need to right click and choose the option, translate to English since the tutorial is in a foreign language.

Dog Magnetic Bookmarks

12. Fun Disney Magnetic Bookmark

Disney Magnetic Bookmark

13. Cute Painted Folding Magnetic Bookmark

Cute Folding Magnetic Bookmark

14. Dr. Seuss Fabric Magnetic Bookmarks

Fabric Magnetic Bookmarks

You can add a touch of personalization to the bookmarks by inscribing your name on them. If you love the cities of London and Paris, you can have pictures of notable monuments and buildings belonging to those places on the bookmarks.

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