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11 DIYs to Make Harry Potter Bookmarks

Accessories and goodies based on the theme of Harry Potter and everything associated with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have been highly sought-after. If you are looking for bookmarks to track of your reads then design some keeping the Harry Potter theme in mind.  You could either make them on the basis of the characters or even keeping in mind the houses, for eg scarlet and gold for Gryffindor; green and silver for Slytherin; blue and bronze for Ravenclaw and yellow and black for Hufflepuff. Check the following tutorials for some of the excellent ideas to make Harry Potter Bookmarks.

DIY Harry Potter Bookmark Pictures

1. How to Make Harry Porter Bookmarks

The red and gold color of the Gryffindor house has been used in making the bookmark, though you can go for a house of your choice. The famous Alohomora spell can even be implemented as a theme of your bookmark. 

Harry Porter Bookmarks

Taking out a printable of the different houses would indeed make your job easier.

Harry Potter Bookmark Printable

2. DIY Harry Potter Corner Bookmark

You have Harry’s glasses and scars directly etched on your bookmark as shown here.

Harry Potter Corner Bookmarks DIY

3. DIY Harry Potter Magnetic Bookmarks

Take printables of any character of the Harry Potter clan and attach magnetic strips to them, Holla, you have these pretty magnetic bookmarks at hand.

Harry Potter Magnetic Bookmarks

4. Tutorial to Make Knitted Harry Potter Scarf Bookmarks

If knitting is your foray then design pretty bookmarks scarves as shown in the tutorial here.

Harry Potter Knitted Bookmark

5. DIY Leather Harry Potter Bookmarks

Following the method shown in the tutorial of this link you could design a Harry Potter bookmark. You could emboss the word “Harry Potter” or even the names of the houses on the leather bookmark.

Harry Potter Leather Bookmark

6. How to Make Harry Potter House Color Scarf Bookmarks

If you have too many Harry Potter fans at home then design scarves having colors of all the houses and gift it to the respective supporters.

Harry Potter Scarf Bookmark

7. Harry Potter Different Houses Bookmark Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff DIY

These corner bookmarks made according to the color of the four houses would indeed be a treat for all HP lovers.

Harry Potter House Bookmark

8. Interesting Ways to Make a Harry Potter Bookmark

Sketching Harry’s pet owl with the use of water colors is another remarkable bookmark idea to be opted for.

How to Make a Harry Potter Bookmark

9. Harry Potter Tie Bookmark Tutorial

You could also make a white tie bookmark with Harry Potter or any of the character’s photo stuck on it.

Harry Potter Tie Bookmark

10. Easy Way to Make Harry Potter Bookmark Clips

Harry’s face and scarf attached to the tiny clips would indeed make for a small but precious gift to give away during Halloween.

Harry Potter Bookmark Clips

11. Harry Potter Handmade Bookmark with Metal and Charms

Harry Potter Handmade Bookmarks

With a whole lot of ideas at hand, you may indeed have a whale of a time in making these bookmarks along with your kids during the summer break or on any occasion.

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