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10 DIY Sand Candles

Sand candles are wax candles that are shaped in sand. They are like ordinary candles but are molded in sand. Making them is pretty easy and fun and you can involve the whole family. You can have them in single or multiple colors. They can be in freeform, star, cubical, spherical or conical shapes. They make lovely little gifts for your friends and relatives.

Pictures of DIY Sand Candles

1. Homemade Sand Candles

In this DIY, you need a sandbox. If you don’t have one, just dig a 5”X12” hole in the ground and line it with plastic before filling it with sand.

Sand Candles

2. Sand Candle from The 70’s

This sand cast candle reminds you of the 70’s. For preparing the wax, you can recycle old candles or use a beeswax block.

70’s Sand Candle

3. How to Make a Sand Candle At Home

How to Make Sand Candle

4. Sand Wax Candles for Kids

These beautiful sand candles have been made at the beach. They look awesome and kids would have a blast making them.

Sand Candles for Kids

5. Sand Wax Candle Making

This procedure involves making a mold in moist sand and pouring in the wax. It is a good idea to involve children in the craft.

Sand Candle Making

6. Colorful Sand Art Candles

These colored sand art candles can be made as a 4th of July craft project. The supplies are tea candles, red, blue and white colored sand and tall drinking or wine glasses.

Sand Art Candles

7. Sand Candles DIY

DIY Sand Candles

8. Freeform Sand Candle Tutorial

This freeform sand candle is made with natural soy wax, sand, wax dye (if the wax is not colored), tub and candle wick.

Freeform Sand Candle

9. Gel Candles with Seashells and Sand

These pretty gel candles have a layer of sand and shells as the base. You can even put in some colored stones if you wish.

Gel Candles with Sand and Shells

10. Unique Sand Castle Candles

Sand Castle Candles

We are sure that by now, you are full of ideas for designing your own sand candles. Just follow the instructions given in the tutorials step by step and you would be happy with the results. Little ones would perhaps enjoy the projects most.

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