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24+ Exotic Ways to Make Gel Candles

Gel candles have been in great trend off late because of its elegant appeal and aromatic fragrance. If you would love to fill your home with a host of these lovely candles, then run your eyes through the given tutorials.

Gel Candle Making

Embeds for gel candles

One of the important things you have to keep in mind is selecting the right type of embeds for the gel candles which should be inflammable to minimize the risk of the candle to explode. Embeds may include a variety of stuff like shells, pies, beads, snowman and so on.

1. DIY Gel Candles

Go for heatproof glassware while selecting the container for gel candles so that to reduce the chances of cracking and breaking when exposed to intense heat.

Gel Candles

2. How to Make Candles with Gel

This gorgeous red candle would be ideal to celebrate a romantic dinner with the love of your life on Valentine’s Day.

How to Make Gel Candles

3. Tutorial to Make a Gel Candle with Sea Shells

If you have a beach-themed party, then these gel candles with seashell embellishments would do absolute wonder.

Gel Candle

4. Instructions to Make a Decorative Gel Wax Candle

The gummy bear decorations would thrill your kiddo to the core.

Gel Candle Wax

5. How to Make Beach-Themed Gel Candles

These awesome candles would be a perfect return gift for guests at your party.

Candle Gel

6. Easy Ways to Make a Gel Candle at Home

If you intend to give it as gifts, then tie a showy ribbon around it.

Gel Wax Candle

7. Directions for Making a Gel Candle

The wick should be long enough extending the glass jar. If you are unable to buy a wick, make one by dipping a strip of thread or twine in wax and finally drying them.

Making a Gel Candle

8. DIY to Make a Gorgeous Gel Candle

Adding sparkles or glitters would add to their grandeur. If you are not using them at an instant or plan to gift them to someone, then attach a nice lid to them. You can also attach a personalized message to the top.

DIY Gel Candles

9. Homemade Gel-Type Candles

The chunky tops give the gel candle a unique look.

Gel Type Candle

Following the cue in the tutorial provided above, you can also make your candles in the attractive square-shaped containers as shown in the picture below.

Making Gel Candles

10. How to Make a Red Gel Candle

If you want to make a candle for Christmas, then green gel would be a preferred choice.

How to Make a Gel Candle

You can create a colorful amalgamation by mixing gels or candle dyes of several colors.

Rainbow Gel Candle

11. How to Make Sea Shell Gel Tea Light Candles

Wrapping a twine or a burlap bow around the candle would give it an enticing look.

Gel Tealight Candles

12. Colorful Designer Layered Gel Candles

The uniform layer created by the perfect arrangement of colored sand is indeed unique.

Designer Gel Candles

If you have an innovative bent of mind, then attempt making candles with glasses of different shapes as shown in the image below. These decorative glasses, when arranged on your center table, would enhance the room décor to the fullest. Opt for heat-resistant glasses.

Handmade Gel Candles in Wine Glass

Instead of wine glasses, you can even opt for big mason jars like this one.

Gel Candle in a Mason Jar

13. Delightful Homemade Candles for Christmas

The snowman and snowflake decorations bring in the perfect Christmas mood. Make sure that they are inflammable to avoid any unpleasant occurrences.

Gel Christmas Candle

You can even make candles using faux candy canes for the perfect Christmas mood.

Holiday Gel Candles

14. Homemade Gel Candle with Flowers Inside

These marvelous candles would serve as a perfect wedding décor or may even be apt for a baby shower gift. If there is a boy-in-the-waiting, then change the theme color to blue.

How to Make a Gel Candle with Flowers

For a more intricate design decorate your gel candle with dry flowers and gemstones like the one shown in the picture.

Gel Candle Design Image

By following the similar way of making gel candles, you can attach a feeding bottle or any other accessory to the outside to make a perfect baby shower gift.

Gel Candles for Baby Showers

15. How to Make Gel Candles Step by Step for Wedding

These sophisticated looking candles made in wine and margarita glasses give a chic look. You can have a message added to each of the glasses for a personalized touch.

Wedding Gel Candles

16. Homemade Candy Corn Gel Candles for Halloween

You can replace the colorful candy corn with other Halloween themes like pumpkin.

Halloween Gel Candle

17. How to Make a Beach Gel Candle with Sand

You can also opt for colored sand and place white shells above it.

Beach Gel Candle with Sand

18. DIY to Make Seashell Gel Candle

Seashell Gel Candle

19. Tutorial to Make a Floating Gel Candle at Home

You can either float ready-made gel candles or make them as shown in the given tutorial. Instead of real ones get faux roses to preserve it as your centerpiece.

Floating Gel Candle

20. How to Make a Large Beer Gel Candle

The overflowing foam gives this amazing candle an innovative look. Rather than burning it you may consider preserving it as a precious centerpiece for a lifetime.

Gel Candles that Looks like Drinks

21. How to Make a Strawberry Gel Candle with Embedded Wax Fruit

These wax fruit candles would be an ideal decoration during fall.

Gel Candles with Fruit

22. Instructions to Make a Strawberry Pie Candle

Gel Pie Candle

23. How to Make Scented Gel Candles

The instructions in the tutorial would help you to make fresh, aromatic candles, with the fragrance making your room more enchanting.

Scented Gel Candles

You would want these beautiful candles to spread its aroma throughout your household but make sure you do not allow it to burn for more than two hours at a stretch as this increases the chances of it to explode.

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