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5 Wine Cork Candle Ideas for Your Interior

Wine corks are reusable materials laden with potentials of becoming some useful things encouraging our craftiness. Making candles with wine corks is an easy and hassle-free task, only if you know how to strike the right chord. Just go through the tutorial and make yourself a pro at turning wine corks into beautiful candles.

Wine Cork Candle DIY

 DIY Wine Cork Candle Holder

Instead of keeping the wine cork candle on top of a wine bottle, use it both as a cap and a candle of a fine glass bottle for a vintage touch. The wine cork, being wood, slowly burns, making it a wonderful illuminating tool.

Wine Cork Candles DIY

A wooden tray and wine cork candles on it can light up your sudden power cut, both literally and figuratively.

Wine Cork Candle

For a romantic candlelight dinner, wine cork candles along with wine bottles are perfect to win your valentine’s heart.

How to Make Wine Cork Candles

Now this image must trigger you to become a little craftier with wine corks next time.

Wine Bottle Cork Candles

Cork Candles for Wine Bottles

Wine cork surplus is nothing new, but to use them wisely is fun and innovative for sure. Just be careful while lighting them, as fire is always dangerous, enjoy the warmth and radiance it offers, but nothing more.

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