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21+ Super Cool Ideas for Wine Cork Board

Wine cork art is an innovative way of using corks that we wouldn’t otherwise care about once a bottle of wine is finished. Instead of throwing them away, you can utilize them to make some wine cork boards. Be it your drawing room or study, a homemade wine cork board lends a subtle look to your interior.

DIY Wine Cork Board

1. Simple Wine Cork Board DIY

Cork spinners beautifully assembled on sturdy cardboard make a wonderful decorative piece for your walls. Be it some memorable pictures or some sticky notes, you can attach anything to it.

Wine Cork Board

2. How to Make a Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Utilize an old mirror frame and affix some wine corks in any pattern you like. While the horizontal placement of the corks lends a simple look, a vertical or chevron design makes it look interesting. You can also mix and match two or more patterns for a unique design.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

3. DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Board

A wine cork board is a pretty handy option to hang your everyday-wear necklaces and earrings. The fuss-free and simple corkboard can be on your wall too once you check out the instruction given above.

Wine Cork Jewelry Board

How to Make a Wine Cork Board

4. Make a Wine Cork Dart Board Backer

A soft board made of fire-retardant corks is a good way to paste your dart board on. For an interesting look, you may choose the herringbone pattern for the corks. Now, aiming is much more interesting, and even if you miss, the darts won’t affect the wall.

Wine Cork Dart Board

Wine Cork Dartboard Backer

5. How to Use Corks and Pushpins for a Wine Cork Memo Board

Transform a simple wine cork board into an ornate one by using some colorful pushpins.

Diy Wine Cork Board

6. Pallet Wine Cork Pin Board

If you have a creative mind, add some accessories like buttons, trinkets, and anything suitable for your pin board.

Simple Wine Cork Board

A zigzag pattern on a wine cork board looks smart and trendy.

Wine Cork Pin Board

7. Handmade Wine Cork Board

Use some colorful strokes on attached cork stoppers for a funky-looking wine cork board. If you wish, clip some hooks on it and use them as a key holder.

Wine Cork Board Kit

8. Wine Cork Notice Board DIY

Wine Cork Board Idea

9. Large Wine Cork Board

Wine Cork Board Frame

10. Easy to Make Wine Cork Board

Attaching some corks would hardly take one hour, so make one and place it in front of your study table. A good place to keep your reminders and notes, isn’t it?

Wine Cork Board Design

11. How to Make a Cork Board out of Wine Corks

A wide board is ideal for placing in your drawing room just above the couch.

How to Make a Cork Board out of Wine Corks

Cork Board Made out of Wine Corks

12. Wine Cork Board Picture Frame

You can use it as a picture frame as well. Pin some clicks of interesting moments with your friends and family and relive them every day.

Wine Cork Board Pattern

Cork Bulletin Board from Wine Corks

13. Wine Bottle Cork Board Design

A beautiful pattern on a cork board looks so enticing that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from trying the pattern. You may have to steam the corks beforehand for cutting them according to your desired shape.

Wine Bottle Cork Board

14. Wine Cork Board Creative Project

Wine Cork Board Creative Project

15. Wine Cork Board Craft

Wine Cork Board Craft

16. Wine Cork Board Art

Use various colors of wine corks and affix them in a certain pattern just like the following one.

Wine Cork Board Art

17. Wine Cork Wall Board

Wine Cork Wall Board

18. Wine Cork Board for Picture Frame

Wine Cork Board Picture Frame

19. Wine Cork Board with Corkscrew

Wine Cork Board with Corkscrew

20. Heart-Shaped Wine Cork Board

Make a beautiful heart shaped wine cork board and surprise your valentine. A good idea isn’t it?

Wine Cork Board Heart

21. Monogrammed Wine Cork Board Tutorial

Letter Wine Cork Board

Amidst all these cool ideas, pick any one you wish and start making it. Decorate your house with such beautiful wine cork boards and get appreciations from your friends and family.

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