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11+ Wine Cork Shadow Box DIY Plans

Would you want to keep a memorabilia of those good old drinking days you enjoyed with your pal, then decorating a shadow box with your upcycled wine corks may prove a fantastic idea! A myriad of interesting DIYs to follow will make your creative task a mere cakewalk.

Shadow Box for Wine Cork DIY

1. How to Make a Wine Cork Holder Shadow Box

The black shadow box would look even more splendid when placed against a white background.

Wine Cork Holder Shadow Box

2. DIY Wine Cork Collector Shadow Box

Color the corks in green and red if you are giving it as a Christmas gift.

Wine Cork Shadow Box

3. Tutorial to Make a Shadow Box for Wine Corks

The painting on the shadow box gives it a personalized touch. If your husband or beloved is obsessed with wine, then gift him a shadow box containing corks of his favorite wine. Write a thoughtful message in red paint to delight him to the fullest.

Shadow Box for Wine Corks

Following the same DIY pattern, this message would indeed be an interesting one. The wine glass sitting on top enhances its charm.

Wine Shadow Box

4. Directions to Make a Cork Shadow Box for Engagement

The burlap fabric adds to its rustic look. You can make it more gorgeous by adding glitters, sparkles or other embellishments on the burlap. Glue a colored stone on the cork to make it look like a ring.

Cork Shadow Box

5. DIY to Make a Monogrammed Wine Cork Holder

Make your message as catchy as possible to heighten the fun element.

Wine Cork Holder

6. Homemade Wine Cork Personalized Shadow Box for Wedding

A beautiful memento to give as a gift of marriage to your nearest kin. You can also paste small cutouts of the bride and groom and glue them on both sides of the cork to make it even more special.

Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box

7. DIY for a Black Wine Cork Shadow Box

You can also create a curved design with the dots for an enticing effect.

Wine Cork Shadow Box DIY

8. Keep Calm and Drink Wine Shadow Box Plan

The “Keep calm and drink wine” message is indeed an apt one for people who have a close bonding with the bottle. Follow the engraving pattern in the tutorial and then implement it on the shadow box.

Keep Calm and Drink Wine Shadow Box

9. Wine Cork Shadow Box Frame Tutorial

The glass frame at the top gives it a chic look, making it convenient for you to stuff and take out your corks whenever needed. You can paint a portion of the corks and arrange it uniformly for a creative approach.

Wine Cork Shadow Box Frame

10. Directions to Make Your Own Wine Cork Shadow Box

You can engrave your beloved’s name in one of the wine corks.

How to Make a Wine Cork Shadow Box

Another unique idea would be to get a shadow box with two compartments and place corks in one and beer caps in the other for a perfect combination.

Wooden Shadow Box Wine Cork Bottle Cork Holder

11. Large Wine Cork Shadow Box DIY

The ideal arrangement of the letter “C,” gives it a unique look. You can choose to paint the top part of the letter which is visible for an innovative appeal. 

Large Wine Cork Shadow Box

With an array of exciting designs at hand, get set to create stylish shadow boxes to store and collect your wine corks. Go for a kit rather than spending a tedious time in collecting the supplies to make your task an easy one.

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