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31+ DIYs and Ideas to Make Homemade Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is all about surprising your loved ones with exciting gifts. If you are done with buying those paper cards and writing a cliché message on it, then consider making one at home. This would not just save you a few bucks but also give your card a personalized touch. Check out the tutorials to get a hint about a host of interesting Valentine’s Cards ideas.

DIY Homemade Valentine Card Ideas Picture

1. How to Make a Homemade Balloon Valentine Card Using Printables

Downloading the template could make your task easy. To create the cupid theme, make a paper arrow and place it in the middle to give an impression that it is running through the balloon.

Homemade Valentine Card

2. Cute Handmade Heart Cards For Valentine’s Day

A faux flower or bow sitting at the center may intensify its beauty further.

Homemade Valentines Day Card

3. Easy Valentine Day Card Ideas for Kids

The cute lollies would be the main center of attraction of the kiddos. If making it for a group of boys, stick pics of their favorite characters may be from Star Wars for a unique appeal.

Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids

4. Unique Homemade Idea to Make Valentine’s Day Cards

If the little ones want to make this card for their granny or grandpa, then they could put up a photo of their grandparents inside the heart for a personalized touch.

Homemade Valentine Card Idea

5. Instructions to Make a Creative Card for Valentine’s Day

Be as creative as possible to make your message touch your beau’s heart at the instant.

Cute Homemade Valentines Day Card

6. Simple and Easy Way to Make a Pull Me Valentine’s Day Card

Easy Homemade Valentine Card

7. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Card Using Origami for Your Classmates

Consider attaching a small origami flower at the center or add a little glitter on the card to enhance its brightness.

Homemade Valentine Cards for Classmates

8. A Lovely Homemade “Kiss’ Card to Give Your Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

Go a level further by attaching tiny red hearts to one end of the lips.

Cute Homemade Valentine Card for Your Boyfriend

If you lack a creative bent of mind but still desire to gift your girl a pretty handmade card, then something simple shown in the pic below would be a great idea. For the heart you could use a pipe cleaner and attach a photo of the both of you within.

Homemade Heart Valentine’s Cards for Girlfriend

9. Innovative Homemade Valentine Card for Your Daughter

While making it for your daughter, choose a combination of pink and red crayons or the shades she loves the best.

Homemade Valentine Card for Daughter

Attach a pen to the card, or even make a small sketch of your teacher below.

Homemade Teacher Valentine Cards

10. Valentine’s Day Cards for Father’s Day

In stead of the small gingham heart as used here, you could stick a photo of your father, or perhaps a spectacle(if he wears one), or a mustache (if he has one).

Homemade Valentines Day Card for Dad

This simple yet thoughtful card would thrill your mother to the fullest.

Homemade Valentine Cards for Mom

11. How to Make a Creative Homemade Mason-Jar Styled Greetings Card for Valentine’s Day

Another innovative idea indeed that you can avail while making a card for your mom or grandmom….

Homemade Greetings Card for Valentine Day

12. Valentine Day Cards with Plastic Animal for Preschoolers

Cards with farm animals or even dinosaurs are a great yet easy process, especially if preschoolers are involved in making it.

Homemade Animal Valentine Card Idea for Preschoolers

13. Amazing “I Love You This Much Card” for Parents Tutorial

If making it for both your parents, then a message like “Love You Mamma and Papa” would be appropriate.

Homemade Valentine Cards for Parents

14. How do you Make a Nice Valentine’s Day Card at Home for Friends

Homemade Valentines Day Cards for Friends

15. Mock Mosaic Valentine’s Day Card for your Husband

The twine bow at the center gives the card a rustic look.

Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas for Husband

If you want to delight your wife this Valentine’s Day then this simple heart with ribbons would be an apt one.

Homemade Valentines Day Cards for Her

16. Elegant and Cool Valentine’s Day Cards for Him and Your Parents

You can use printables for making an interesting V-Day card for your boyfriend or husband.

Homemade Valentines Day Cards for Him

17. Easy Way to Make a Pretty Pop Up Valentine’s Day Card

After seeing such a thoughtful message, how can you beau not “be yours”. Make a small heart within the big heart using beads or buttons.

Homemade Pop Up Valentine’s Day Card

Take an upcycled shoe box, make a hole in the middle, paint it or wrap it with craft paper and then decorate it….bing! you have a stylish card box to place your card.

Homemade Valentine Card Box

18. Cheesy and Funny Valentine’s Day Cards with Sayings

You could either seek help from printables or think of some cheesy ideas like the ones given here to make a funny card this Valentine’s Day that would tickle your beloved to laughte.

Funny Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

19. Tootsie Pop Butterfly Valentine Day Card Design

Paste small candies on both sides especially if you are making it for toddlers.

Homemade Butterfly Valentine Card

20. Tic-Tac-Toe Themed Clever  and Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards for Husband

The tic-tac-toe theme is definitely a creative idea to add as a Valentine’s Day card theme.

Clever Homemade Valentines Cards

21. Good Idea to Make 3D Valentine Cards

Homemade 3D Valentine Card

22. Homemade Superhero Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Following the same process, you can also design Disney Princesses cards for your daughter’s girl pals.

Homemade Superhero Valentine Cards

23. Great DIY to Make a Homemade Baseball Valentine Card

Homemade Baseball Valentine Card

24. Valentine’s Day Card Idea for Grandparents with Photo

You may also help your toddler to draw their grandparents and write a cute message on the card.

Homemade Valentine Card for Grandparents

25. Valentine’s Day Cards with Candies for 1st Graders

Homemade Valentine Cards with Candy

26. DIY Valentines Day Cards with Photos and Pencils

If you are making it for your beloved, then you could put your photo on it and attach a heart in a way to give the impression that you are holding it.

Homemade Valentine Cards with Pencils and Photos

27. DIY Owl Pop up Valentines Day Card

Homemade Owl Valentine Card

28. Pretty Rose Flower Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial for Your Wife

Your better half would be superbly pleased to see such a beautiful card with faux roses sitting on it.

Homemade Flower Valentine Cards

29. How to Make a 3 Fold “I Love You Card” for Valentine’s Day

Homemade Valentine Card 3 Fold

30. Cute Strawberry-Themed Valentine’s Day Card DIY

Homemade Valentines Card Strawberry Theme

31. DIY Valentine Day Cards for Someone Old

Homemade Valentine Cards for Elderly

With these host of ideas at hand, you could easily make fabulous Valentine’s Day cards for toddlers, mother, father, beloved or anyone under the sun. If you do not want to get into the hassle of making the designs then a printable or template would come to your aid.

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