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35 Valentine Wreaths to Make

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that we eagerly await the entire year. The day falls at the end of winter and the onset of spring. So if you are thinking of making a wreath to mark the special day, remember that you can combine the elements of both the seasons. The below pictures, along with the tutorials, would guide you in the wreath making.

Pictures of Valentine Wreaths

1. Homemade Valentine Wreath

This awesome wreath is made by wrapping a long spring blossom garland over a grapevine wreath. 3 heart ornaments are attached to the center with a small ribbon.

Valentine Wreath

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

The basic heart shape of this wreath is made by cutting firm paper. Then red, pink and white strips of tissue paper are crinkled and glued to the base.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

3. Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY Idea

This funky Valentine wreath is going to win over your new Valentine. It is basically a grapevine wreath decorated with ribbons, deco mesh, heart picks, glitter hearts, Valentine sign and red roses.

DIY Valentine Wreath

4. DIY Valentine Wreath Idea

In this DIY, a foam wreath form is wrapped with burlap and silk ribbons before gluing felt flowers and hearts to it.

Valentine Wreath Idea

5. DIY Valentine Door Wreath

This is a delightful muffin paper liner wreath. It is an easy craft that can be completed in just 2 hours. Celebrate the day that is known for sweets with this delectable wreath.

Valentine Door Wreath

6. How to Make a Valentine’s Day Wreath

How to Make a Valentine Wreath

7. Front Door Wreath for Valentine’s Day

The simple Valentine’s Day wreath is made from scrapbook paper and ribbons. Kids would love to be a part of this craft.

Valentine Wreath for Front Door

8. Lighted Valentine’s Day Wreath Idea

You can make this quick Valentine’s Day decoration using a grapevine wreath in heart shape, lights, glitter and ribbons. It is a very easy craft that you would enjoy doing.

Valentine’s Day Wreath Idea

9. Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath Tutorial

This awesome wreath made out of deco mesh will be received warmly by your sweetheart. If she loves Disney and soft toys, you can attach a Mickey Mouse plushie to the wreath.

Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath

10. DIY Valentine Heart Wreath

Red felt circles are folded and pinned to a Styrofoam wreath form to make this ruffled heart wreath for the most loved holiday of the year!

Valentine Heart Wreath

11. Valentine Mesh Wreath Idea

This attractive piece of Valentine’s Day decoration is made with deco mesh. If you want, you can use poly mesh or geo mesh, instead. The mesh ribbons beautifully cover the wire wreath form. The embellishments of this handmade wreath are foam hearts and heart bead necklaces.

Valentine Mesh Wreath

12. Large Valentine’s Day Door Wreath

The square shape of this wreath makes it stand out. It has been decorated with felt flowers and an Xo banner to express your romantic feelings to your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day Door Wreath

13. Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

14. DIY Burlap Valentine’s Wreath

This charming white Valentine wreath is made out of burlap. It takes the décor quotient of your home on this special day up by notches. You would be glad to know that despite its great looks, it is very easy to make.

Burlap Valentine Wreath

15. Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY Dollar Tree

This wreath is nothing but ribbons in Valentine’s Day colors tied over a wire heart wreath form. The steps are explained in a video tutorial.

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

16. DIY Valentine Heart Wreath for Your Front Door

This lovely red heart wreath is made out of red felt. The mini burlap banner with the word, love, adds to the looks of this holiday wreath.

DIY Valentine Wreath for Your Front Door

17. Deco Mesh Valentine’s Day Wreath

Deco Mesh Wreath for Valentine’s Day

18. Outdoor Fabric Valentine Wreath

Outdoor Valentine Wreath

19. Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath DIY

The pink, peach and violet paper hearts make this small holiday wreath swoon-worthy. You can cut the hearts manually out of paper, or use Cricut.

Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY

20. Valentine’s Day Wreath to Make for Your Front Door

Valentine’s Day Wreath for Front Door

21. DIY Valentine Tulle Wreath

Valentine Wreath with Tulle

22. Making a Valentine Berry Wreath

Valentine Berry Wreath

23. Cute Pom Pom Valentine Wreath Idea

Pom Pom Valentine Wreath

24. Free Crochet Valentine’s Day Wreath Pattern

Crochet Valentine Wreath Pattern

25. Valentine Rag Wreath in Heart Shape

Valentine Heart Shaped Rag Wreath

26. Make a Valentine Ornament Wreath

Valentine Ornament Wreath

27. Paper Plate Valentine Wreath for Kids

In this simple project, a paper plate is cut into an annular shape and painted in different shades of pink and red. Then red and pink tissue paper is crumpled and glued to it.

Valentine Paper Plate Wreath for Kids

28. Easy to Make Dollar Tree Valentine Scarf Wreath

Dollar Tree Valentine Scarf Wreath

29. Rustic Farmhouse Valentine Wreath

The primitive looks of this farmhouse Valentine wreath would effortlessly woo your beloved. The supplies are a wire frame, a Christmas garland, some twine and leftover flowers.

Farmhouse Valentine Wreath

30. Handmade Modern Valentine Wreath

Modern Valentine Wreath

31. Gorgeous Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Valentine Tinsel Wreath

32. Yarn Valentine Wreath

Valentine Yarn Wreath

33. Vintage Valentine Card Wreath Idea

Vintage Valentine Card Wreath

34. Making a Wooden Valentine Wreath

Wooden Valentine Wreath

35. Unique Xo Valentine’s Wreath

Xo Valentine’s Wreath

For the cemetery, you can use any of the above heart wreaths above, but ensure that you use white ribbons, tinsels, yarn or any other wreath component among the reds. The mind-blowing images would inspire you to take up the craft.

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