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20 Ways to Make a Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are pretty simple to make and transform your home décor with impeccable charm. In this article, we have compiled a selection of tutorials for you to choose from. You can mix and match the colors to befit any occasion. If you want, you can make them in Dallas Cowboys, Clemson, Gator, LSU, Steelers, Auburn and Ohio State team colors. The ribbons used can be regular, crinkled, twisted, no cut, curly, spiral, etc. You can use satin, grosgrain or velvet ribbons. Choose a wire wreath form, cardboard or Styrofoam ring or an embroidery hoop as the wreath base.

How to Make a Wreath Bow with Ribbon

1. Make Your Own Ribbon Wreath

Red, blue and green ribbons add a touch of vitality to the ribbon wreath. You can alter the colors to make it suitable for occasions like Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fiesta, etc.

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

2. Directions for Making a Ribbon Wreath

A straw wreath form is entirely wrapped with green ribbon for making this lush wreath. Make bows with ribbons and attach them to the wreath base with U pins.

Ribbon Wreath

3. DIY Ribbon Wreath

A wire frame serves as the base of this multi-colored wreath. The tutorial basically involves tying the ribbons on the wire base.

Ribbon Wreath DIY

4. Make a Christmas Wreath Out Of Ribbons

Soak in the festive spirit of the holiday season by designing a Christmas wreath made with ribbon. A metallic wreath frame and x-mas ribbons are the staples for your winter DIY. Get the detailed instructions from the above-linked tutorial. If you are bored with the traditional plain red, green and white ribbons, go for plaid ones.

Christmas Ribbon Wreath

5. Big Wreath Making Idea with Ribbons

The addition of striped ribbons gives this homemade wreath an edge over the others. The base of the wreath is made by bending a clothes hanger into a circle.

Making a Ribbon Wreath

6. Lovely Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

This handmade wreath is made with wired ribbon. The ribbon is cut into pieces and tied around a cardboard wreath form.

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

7. Ribbon Wreath with Wire Frame

If you want, you can make a rag wreath by using scrap ribbon. It can be a great stash buster. This red ribbon wreath would be great for interior as well as outdoor décor.

Wire Ribbon Wreath

8. Instructions for Ribbon Wreath

If you don’t like the slim and sleek look of this wreath made from ribbons, you can opt for a larger wreath form and cover it with wide ribbons.

Ribbon Wreath Instructions

9. Easy Fall Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Usher in autumn in style by making this designer fall ribbon wreath. The fall colors of yellow, brown and orange have a timeless appeal. If you want to showcase your patriotic feelings on the fourth of July, you can DIY it with red, white and blue ribbons.

Fall Ribbon Wreath

10. DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Idea

This attractive wreath is made in a winsome combination of purple and orange ribbons. For Halloween, you can also make a pumpkin wreath by using only orange ribbons for the entire body, excepting the top. Cover the apex with black ribbons.

Halloween Ribbon Wreath

11. Vivid Wreath Made With Ribbon

Wreath Made With Ribbon

12. Fun Braided Ribbon Wreath

Braided Ribbon Wreath

13. Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

Heart-Shaped Ribbon Wreath

14. Tutorial for Small Woven Green Wreath with Ribbon

Weaving a ribbon wreath would seem simple after you go through the above-linked tutorial. The small wreath can be made into a hair clip, tree ornament and fridge magnet.

Woven Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

15. Horse Show Ribbon Wreath

Arrange the mementos of your horse and dog show achievements in a unique way by designing a wreath. The different colors lend it an eye-catchy look.

Horse Ribbon Wreath

16. Blue Styrofoam Ribbon Wreath

Styrofoam Ribbon Wreath

17. Awesome Autism Awareness Ribbon Wreath

Autism Awareness Ribbon Wreath

18. Nifty Candy Cane Ribbon Wreath

Candy Cane Ribbon Wreath

19. Large Curly Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Decorate your front door for Valentine’s Day by hanging this resplendent curly ribbon wreath on your front door. It can be an attractive decoration for your window.

Curly Ribbon Wreath

20. Bright Ribbon Loop Wreath

Here, loops are made with ribbons and then attached to a wreath base. The blue ribbons make it suitable for a baby boy’s birthday or baby shower. If it’s a baby girl, go for pink ribbons. The girly color can also be used if you want to design a wreath for breast cancer awareness.

Ribbon Loop Wreath

You can have a wire wreath form in the shape of Mickey or Minnie’s head and cover it up with red and black ribbons for sporting a Disney theme. A pink or red polka-dotted ribbon bow at the top distinguishes a Minnie Mouse ribbon wreath from a Mickey Mouse one. You can also make the wreath in farmhouse or football theme by choosing the appropriate ribbons. Silver ribbons give it a sheen while tartan ribbons give it an edge.

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