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24 Pumpkin Wreath Tutorials

Do you love fall and everything associated with it? Why not jazz up your décor with a pumpkin wreath? There are tons of ways and materials that you can make it from and it ends up looking great. We have tried to handpick a few tutorials that allow you to make some of the best pumpkin wreaths. What’s more? We have something for Halloween too! Scroll down to know more.

Pumpkin Wreath Images

1. Pumpkin Wreath Guide

Make a classic style statement with this pumpkin wreath for fall. It is made with putka pods that look like tiny pumpkins.

Pumpkin Wreath

2. White Pumpkin Door Wreath

Make your front door look inviting this fall by hanging a grapevine wreath with miniature white pumpkins all over it.

White Pumpkin Wreath

3. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath Instructions

A burlap garland is spray painted orange and secured to a wire wreath form with floral wire. You can search your yard for a perfect piece of wood to serve as the stem.

Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

4. Pumpkin Mesh Wreath Instructions

The orange mesh pumpkin wreath directions are pretty simple to follow. It is made on a wreath form and enhances your door décor.

Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

5. Pumpkin Wreath Made With Deco Mesh

Deco mesh ribbons were used to make this fairytale pumpkin wreath. You can also make the autumn orange wreath with geo mesh.

Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

6. DIY Yarn Pumpkin Wreath

Small foam balls are wrapped with orange yarn to make the little pumpkins on a wreath form. It spices up your Halloween décor.

DIY Pumpkin Wreath

7. Fall White Pumpkin Wreath

This is a very simple wreath that anyone can make. The white mini pumpkins look cute on the wreath. It is hung with a buffalo check ribbon.

White Pumpkin Fall Wreath

8. Fall Wreath Idea with Pumpkins

Fall Pumpkin Wreath

9. Making a Sunflower Pumpkin Wreath

How to Make a Pumpkin Wreath

10. Classy Velvet Pumpkin Wreath

This grapevine wreath is adorned with a velvet pumpkin. Instead of orange, you can have pink or white velvet pumpkins.

Velvet Pumpkin Wreath

11. DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath

A Disney inspired Mickey pumpkin head wreath would steal the spotlight in Halloween. Click on the link above to get the detailed directions of the craft.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath

12. Buffalo Check Bow and Eucalyptus Pumpkin Fall Wreath

The plaid bow gives this harvest pumpkin wreath a farmhouse look. Instead of having the mini pumpkins in orange, you can paint them cream, teal, blue or white as per your preferences.

Eucalyptus Pumpkin Wreath

13. Curly Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

Curly Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

14. Burlap and Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

Mesh & Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

15. Gorgeous Splatter Screen Pumpkin Wreath

Splatter Screen Pumpkin Wreath

16. DIY Tulle Pumpkin Wreath

Tulle Pumpkin Wreath

17. Make a Half Pumpkin Wreath

Half Pumpkin Wreath

18. Grapevine Pumpkin Shaped Wreath

A pumpkin-shaped grapevine wreath is a trendy and popular fall décor. It is three overlapping grapevine wreaths that are wired together. A twig shaped stem is added to it.

Pumpkin Shaped Grapevine Wreath

19. Unique Bundt Pan Pumpkin Wreath

Bundt Pan Pumpkin Wreath

20. Pretty Crochet Pumpkin Wreath

Crochet Pumpkin Wreath

21. Magnificent Felt Pumpkin Wreath

Felt Pumpkin Wreath

22. Pumpkin Halloween Wreaths

Halloween Pumpkin Wreaths

23. Clothespin Pumpkin Wreath

Just a few household items can help you nail this simple project. You can paint the clothespins in a color scheme of your choice.

Pumpkin Clothespin Wreath

24. Beautiful Pumpkin Pod Wreath

Pumpkin Pod Wreath

We are sure that the sheer elegance of the wreaths would have bowled you over by now. Take your pick from a DIY that most appeals to you and start off with your craft. Apart from the crochet one, most of the wreaths don’t need any special skills. They need some passion, though!

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