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6 +Tutorials and Ideas to Make a Fall Bulletin Board

Fall and Halloween are the two most awaited celebrations everyone yearns. Pumpkins, beautiful leaves, and candies become the order of the day. At this time of the year, teachers must also be looking out for creating something innovative in the bulletin boards hanging on their classroom walls. Besides the class premises, churches, hospitals, or even offices have bulletin boards. The informative tutorials to follow throws light into making a bulletin board for Fall.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas Picture

1. Instructions to Make a Festive Fall Bulletin Board

The handprints at one end of the bulletin board enhance its charm. You can also write the names of the students on the handprints for a personalized touch.

Fall Bulletin Board

2. An Interesting Idea to Make a Colorful Fall Bulletin Board for Kindergartners

The beautiful learning tree with a lot of colorful leaves and a thoughtful message to follow makes this bulletin board an informative and enticing one.

Fall Bulletin Board Idea

3. Owl Themed Fall Bulletin Board for Preschoolers

The owls sitting on the board has the names of each preschooler indeed stands for cuteness at its best.  You may add tiny pumpkins in between.

Preschool Fall Bulletin Board

4. A Pretty Fall-Themed Bulletin Board for a Classroom Door

This tutorial gives an insight into different door decoration ideas for a classroom. The bulletin board shown here is unique, with pictures of each student concealed between the leaves, giving one a hard time searching for each other.

Fall Themed Bulletin Boards

5. How to Make a Fall Tree Bulletin Board for Preschoolers

Fall Tree Bulletin Board

The apple tree bulletin board with hand prints of toddlers is yet another exciting idea.

6. DIY Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board for Fall

Bulletin Board Fall Decoration

Exciting Ideas to Make Bulletin Boards for Fall

For a bulletin board to hang on the walls of the church, follow these simple steps. Make a cross with colored papers and decorate the board with holly leaves, palm leaves, pumpkins, and anything else complementing the theme. Write thoughtful and devotional messages, as shown in the given picture.

Fall Bulletin Board for Church

The interactive bulletin board shown here would suffice for Thanksgiving as well. Write the names of all the kids, alongside a note on what they are thankful for.

Fall Bulletin Board for Kindergarten

Fix black stock paper on a board and design the cross out of leaves cut from colorful papers.  Write a thoughtful note, as shown here, by cutting strips of papers.

Fall Church Bulletin Board

The picture here explains it all. Make a tree, the branch with brown paper and the leaves using red and yellow papers. Write a nice message like the one shown here or paste the names of each of the preschoolers on the leaves.

Fall Bulletin Board Idea for Preschool

To make a bulletin board like this one, paste a yellow chart paper on a hard board and add borders of red. An orange border brings in the perfect fall fervor. Paste pumpkin cutouts all over and write a cheesy message.

Fall Bulletin Board for Toddlers

The “Leaf through a Good Book” message makes it perfect for a fall-themed library bulletin board,

Fall Library Bulletin Board

Colored papers go into the making of this innovative office bulletin board. You can adorn the leaves with the names of achievers.

Fall Bulletin Board Idea for the Office

This idea would suffice a fall, as well as a Christmas theme. Plenty of tissue papers go into making the leaves. The apples stand for the fruit harvested during this season and also the Forbidden fruit. You can replace the apple with pumpkin to get a complete fall theme.

Fall Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Put a black chart paper on a board and decorate it with a lot of Fall leaves to celebrate the season. Write something educative or informative, as shown here.

Fall School Bulletin Board

To create the fall theme in a daycare, you need to be at your creative best and come up with a colorful and unique idea to attract the infants’ attention to the fullest. A tree, having several handprints along with a catchy caption, is all that one needs to do. The amalgamation of big and small handprints (perhaps of that of teachers and students) results in a beautiful creation.

Infant Bulletin Board Idea for Fall

The colorful bulletin board works great for your infant’s room. The board has owls all over with an enticing message describing them as hoots.

Infant Room Fall Bulletin Board

To entertain your preschoolers with cute and fun-filled quotes, you could try something like the one shown below.

Cute Fall Quotes for Bulletin Board

You can make banners out of burlap, felt or paper, and inscribe the words “Fall” on it, as shown in the given image. If using this bulletin board like a church decoration, then verses from the Bible can be included.

Religious Fall Bulletin Board Idea

For a second-grader, a big fall tree like this one with a lot of information about the season stuck on different leaves would help to the fullest. Make many pumpkins below, as shown here, and have each one of the kids write a special message for their classmates.

Fall Bulletin Board for 2nd Grade

The main charm of the bulletin board lies in the innovative message it bears. For a fall-themed reading board, you could put up something like the phrase shown in the picture below. The bulletin board has the customary fall leaves alongside exciting sketches. Different fall-themed cards can be arranged in a row, as shown in the given image.

Fall Phrase for Bulletin Board

The best part of Halloween that kids enjoy is the trick o treat ritual. The bulletin board conveys a similar message. The candy corns, bearing each one of the preschoolers with pumpkins all around, would excite them to the core.

Fall Halloween Board Idea

When teaching your kids the importance of adequate nutrition, a bulletin board like this one would suit well. Each slip has the name of an edible, and the students need to match the color of their diet. In this way, the teacher would get to know if they are receiving adequate nutrition or not.

Fall Nutrition Board Idea

The tree, owl, and Bible shown in the image, alongside the words of wisdom, make this bulletin board apt for a Sunday school.

Fall Sunday School Board Idea

The yellow, red, orange, and green Fall leaves sitting on the tree against a black background add to the grandeur of the bulletin board.

Fall Leaves Bulletin Board Idea

The Giving Tree, as goes its name, has a host of lesson plans surrounding, helping the students to plan their curriculum systematically.  One can transform the same tree into a winter bulletin board by taking out the leaves and spraying snow on it.

Fall Literacy Bulletin Board

For music classes, you can choose to make a bulletin board, as shown in this picture.  The board has a red chart paper, with music notes made in black. The pumpkins and candy corns bring in the true spirit of the season, teamed with a catchy music-themed write-up.

Fall Music Bulletin Boards

When imbibing religious lessons to third graders, a colorful bulletin board with fall leaves, having names of all the pupils alongside a message on the theme works the best.

3rd Grade Bulletin Board Idea for the Fall

The bulletin board shown here has the Fall and Halloween theme together. The fall leaves are decorated on top as well as at the center, alongside bats represented in black. If you plan to put this up in the college hostel, then choose an interesting caption like this one.

Fall Bulletin Board Idea for College Students

The squirrel peeping out of the bark, with nuts and pumpkins scattered everywhere, makes this perfect for a cafeteria bulletin board.

Fall Cafeteria Bulletin Board

Since the bulletin board is about sports, it has a whole lot of playing equipment on it.

Fall Sports Bulletin Board Idea

The pumpkin made from paper strips and stuck along creates a 3D effect. The green leaves could replace ones having the fall colors.

3D Fall Bulletin Board Idea

While teaching kids the concept of Fall and the harvests of the season, you may add a scarecrow on the board. The image shown here has acorns all over, with a scarecrow at the center guarding the field.

Fall Scarecrow Bulletin Board

The ideas and tutorials given above would help in making creative and interactive bulletin boards for infants, toddlers, kindergarteners, and even for libraries or churches. You could make a bulletin board for any other season like spring or winter or occasions, such as Christmas or Easter.

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