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4+ Fun Spring Bulletin Board Ideas and Tutorials

After a chilly winter, we look forward to spring in anticipation of warmer days and fresh blooms adorning our gardens. Bulletin boards can be a great medium to reflect our love for this season and inspire us to learn, achieve our fitness goals, motivate us to read more books and test our craft skills while involving us in group activities.

Bulletin Board Ideas Picture

1. Easy Spring Bulletin Board Idea

This simple bulletin board idea is for third grade kids. The bees, blossoms, picket fence, butterflies and grass inspire awe in young minds. The major supplies are paper, glue, tape and scissors.

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

2. Spring Time Bulletin Board

The bright sun on this bulletin board would lift spirits up in elementary school. It can be an awesome school nurse, RA and PTA bulletin board. You can have this one in an infant room, cafeteria, daycare, hospital, office (workplace), etc. It can also suit first-fifth grade classrooms.

Spring Bulletin Board

3. Spring Bulletin Board Idea for Preschool

Preschool Spring Bulletin Board

4. Unique Spring Bulletin Board Idea for Easter

Easter Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Other Ideas for Spring Bulletin Boards

For the Church, Sunday or Christian school, drawing pretty flowers on the bulletin board would be a great idea. Paper flowers work, as well. You can accessorize the blossoms with hand-drawn butterflies that look resplendent in a blue background with white clouds. An apt quote or verse from the Bible could sum up the religious board.

Spring Church Bulletin Board

A bulletin board with a kite, sun and flower patterns with a catchy heading has all the ingredients to invigorate the library. A catchy phrase like spring into reading or spring into a good book would invoke the bookworms in youngsters.

Spring Library Bulletin Board

A spring banner on your bulletin board with colorful blooms below it looks beautiful. Add paper grasses for a touch of greenery, below the flowers that are made by folding strips of paper in half.

Spring Themed Bulletin Board

You can use paper pinwheels to design a cute spring bulletin board. An apt caption sums it up in style.

Cute Spring Bulletin Board

You can glue cutouts of birds and a tree branch on your bulletin board and give it a suitable caption like, fly into spring or soaring into spring. The googly eyes on the birds look lively. You can use free printables and templates for the birds. Or, just go with bird pictures.

Spring Bird Bulletin Board

Physical education (in short, PE), is the key to good health and fitness. You can compile the names of different exercises on your spring bulletin display board that says, spring into action, and associate them with their health benefits.

Spring Physical Education Bulletin Board Idea

A yellow umbrella design would pop up in a red background. The educational bulletin board can be used as an aid to teaching decimals and fractions in maths. The dotted border and writing add to the looks. If you are making one for infants, you can have pictures of their faces on the flowers instead of the numbers. Elementary teachers can also have Snoopy on the art bulletin boards for the students in their early childhood.

Spring Umbrella Bulletin Board

You can invoke leadership abilities in children by making this lovely bulletin board with a motivational saying displayed on it.

Leader in Me Spring Bulletin Board

3d flowers would breathe life into these spring is in the air bulletin boards designed for college. It would give the students reasons to look forward to the spring semester. If you want you can decorate it further with slogans.

College Spring Bulletin Board

Frogs that are nothing but green paper circles folded in halves with large eyes and a red sleek tongue sticking out would inspire youngsters to hop into spring! If you are a music lover, you can draw notes in the background peppered with some lines of your favorite song.

Spring Frog Bulletin Board

In a classroom setting, the teacher can compile the names of the students who have their birthdays in spring and write them on paper blooms that are glued to the bulletin board. A large construction paper sun and a happy birthday wish complete the look.

Spring Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

A bulletin board with safety tips for college students going on a spring break could be a life-saver. It gives you the option of conveying advice in an interesting and vibrant way. You can involve the students themselves in the activity.

Spring Break Safety Bulletin Board

A large, smiling sun with long rays and sunglasses highlights the bright, sunny days of spring. You can have the photographs of your pre k or kindergarten toddlers glued to flowers that adorn the grass. You can also craft paper swings instead of the flowers and give it the title, swing into spring. If you don’t want the photos, you can pin sheets carrying student work like poems and stories.

Spring Door Bulletin Board Idea

The expression of little deeds of kindness in writing can spice up your bulletin board in a way that only a few things can. You can have this in middle and high schools. The images of bees sitting on the flowers would further add to the cheery looks and give you the option of adding the phrase, buggy about spring.

Spring Kindnes Bulletin Board

Brown paper owls with googly eyes are a great way to welcome spring. A catchy title like, spring has sprung, we can’t wait to march into spring, think spring, happy spring or spring fever would make it fascinating to children. You can also decorate it with poetry if you so wish.

Spring Owl Bulletin Board

Needless to say, that the telltale signs of the season are the focus of the vivid bulletin boards. The decorations should be such that they suit the spring theme. Let your creative juices flow and style up the boards exuberantly to ensure that they play a pivotal role in ushering in spring.

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