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39+ DIY Spring Wreaths for the Front Door That You Can Make

Spring wreaths can light up any front porch or door with aplomb. While most are a fancy show of reds, pinks, purples and whites, the rustic ones are of subdued hues. Burlap, mesh, tulle and fabric are some of the materials needed apart from the living flowers and stems. However, many tutorials focus on the application of fake blooms.

DIY Spring Wreaths

1. Natural Door Wreath for Spring

Assorted tulips make this project a value for your time. Though designed for the front door, you can have it indoors, on a table, over the fireplace or outdoors, on your front gate.

Spring Door Wreath

2. Handmade Wreath for Spring

2 stems of garland greenery, a white flower bush, a hydrangea bush and 2 flowers of the plant in different colors, 2 long twig stems and a grapevine wreath are the supplies needed for the project.

Make Your Own Spring Wreath

3. Homemade Spring February Wreath Idea

This largely white wreath would look fine on a red door. A perfect February March outdoor décor.

Spring Wreath

4. Door Wreath for Spring and Summer

Instead of only decorating with flowers, you can use lime green deco mesh and ribbon bows for a touch of sophistication. You may want to tie bandanas in the area left uncovered by the blooms.

Spring and Summer Door Wreath

5. Front Door Initial Wreath for Spring

Spring Front Door Wreath

6. Spring Deco Mesh Wreath Idea

This spring wreath made from deco mesh is absolutely gorgeous. It is done by making small spirals of deco mesh of different colors, grouping them together by pipe cleaners and wrapping the latter round a wire wreath form. You can also use geo mesh or other poly mesh if you want to.

Spring Deco Mesh Wreath

More ideas on mesh wreaths.

7. DIY Spring Wreath Idea

A floral bouquet, a grapevine wreath and some ivy should pull off this project pretty well. If you can’t arrange for a lot of flowers, try out something unique by replacing them with colorful water cans or clay pots. Silk flowers also look good on it.

Spring Wreath Idea

8. Spring Easter Wreath Idea for Front Door

This easy wreath can be made by gluing around a dozen eggs on a ready-made wreath form. You should get the eggs in a perfect circle and glue a bow at the bottom. You are ready to wish your visitors “Happy Easter”.

Spring Easter Wreath Idea

9. How to Make a Spring Wreath

The wreath form used here is covered with a yellow ribbon leaving out some place for sticking the vibrant blooms. Hang it on your front door to grab eyeballs.

Spring Wreath to Make

10. Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Seasonal flowers, lemon stems, lemons and green leaves adorn a corner of this beautiful grapevine wreath.  A burlap ribbon adds to the looks. Jute twine is used to hang it from the door.

Spring Wreath DIY

11. Spring Grapevine Wreath Decoration Idea

Decorate a grapevine wreath with white, purple, yellow and orange fresh flowers for a lovely spring look. You can attach a Styrofoam letter initial to one side to introduce people passing by or unknown visitors to your name.  You can also decorate with pine cones for a rustic farm style charm. Artificial birds and a tiny birdhouse look chirpy on the wreath.

How to Decorate a Grapevine Wreath for Spring

More tutorials on grapevine wreaths.

Put a cross on the side for a powerful message with a spiritual touch.

Cross Spring Wreath

12. Cute Outdoor Spring Wreaths

Faux tulips make this spring wreath look simply awesome. Basically, it is an easy affair with special importance given to creating the smooth satin blue ribbon bow. It’s an ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

Spring Outdoor Wreath

13. How to Make a Flowers Spring Wreath

The addition of eggs painted in white would customize the wreath for Easter. You can take a smaller base for making a stunning head wreath. You may even consider putting a tiny floral wreath around the base of a candle.

Spring Flower Wreath

14. Spring Burlap Wreath

In this tutorial, you will be first guided on how to make a burlap wreath by way of redirecting you to a different site. Then the rose and leaf embellishment crochet patterns are given for your perusal.

Burlap Spring Wreath

Click here to get more tutorials on burlap wreaths.

15. Easy DIY Spring Yarn Wreath

For this, wrap some yarn or wool around a polystyrene wreath form and then create the flowers. There are 3 types of flowers, the frilly and swirly ones and the roses. Do not forget the outline of the Easter bunny.

Easy To Make Spring Yarn Wreath

16. Spring Wreath Design

The above-linked website teaches you step by step how to create a lovely spring wreath with a roll of deco mesh, assorted burlap ribbons and embellishments and most importantly, a twig work wreath.

Wreath Design for Spring

Choose red and black polka dotted ribbons for giving your ruffle wreath a luxurious ladybug theme.

Ladybug Spring Wreath

17. Spring Floral Wreath Design with Tulips

 Bright tulip and hydrangea blossoms render a cheerful pink and purple vibe to this floral design. You may experiment with magnolia and sunflowers here. Forsythia would add a warm yellow hue to the wreath. Try accessorizing the bushes with boxwood.

Spring Floral Wreath with Tulips

18. Vintage Spring Wreath Decorating Idea

A fun frame with “Hi” inscribed on it makes this spring wreath unique. Add to that the fake and real flower décor. Strips of burlap thrown in, the glam quotient is increased by a few notches. You may deck it with ornaments and pom poms for a chic look. “Welcome” also looks warm on the frame if you are welcoming a baby home.

Decorative Spring Wreath

19. Free Crochet Spring Wreath Pattern

The crochet wreath owes its great looks to the crochet roses pinned onto the Styrofoam base. More free patterns for crochet roses can be found here.

Crochet Spring Wreath

20. Spring Wreath Made With Straw Hat

Instead of using the traditional ring-like wreath base, try experimenting with a straw hat. It would leave a lasting impression of spring in your mind. Deck it up with faux flowers, feathers and tulle for Fiesta.

Spring Hat Wreath

21. Spring Hydrangea Wreath Video

A video tutorial walks you through attaching hydrangeas to a wreath base. You can choose from 2 options of giving a neat finish to the project.

Spring Hydrangea Wreath

22. Simple Spring Blossom Wreath

Spring Blossom Wreath

23. Primitive Spring Berry Wreath

If you want, you can only use berries on a grapevine wreath. It creates a simplistic look. However, if you want more volume try experimenting with artificial and dried flowers, seeds, vegetables, grass, leaves, Easter eggs and painted twigs as well. Evergreen bushes and herbs would make a nice garden on your wreath.

Spring Berry Wreath

More ideas of berry wreaths here.

24. Large Spring Wreath with Greenery

The top of the large wreath is covered with moss and cute butterfly embellishments. Care is taken to show up the grapevine wreath from the sides.

Large Spring Wreath

25. Whimsical Modern Spring Wreath

Crepe paper flowers turn a barren plastic wreath frame into a cheery one. You would need florist’s wire to wrap the blooms around the base. Great to put on double doors. Felt flowers look equally good.

Modern Spring Wreath

26. Creative Umbrella Spring Wreath

Umbrella Spring Wreath

27. Unusual Fabric Rag Spring Wreath

Fabric Rag Spring Wreath

28. Natural Nest Spring Wreath

This living green wreath with a nest would rock any Easter gathering. You could string in some lights for the gala night.

Nest Spring Wreath

29. Fold Paper for a Spring Wreath

Fold paper flowers for a stunning spring wreath. Food lovers can fold strips of paper in a pasta shape for the wreath.

Folded Paper Spring Wreath

30. Beautiful Garden Water Hose Spring Wreath

Supply as ordinary as the garden hose can make adorable spring wreaths. Just pay attention to the color as the dirty, muddy ones wouldn’t look good. Instead of the water hose, you could use a rope for a unique wreath.

Garden Water Hose Spring Wreath

31. Lush Square Spring Wreath

You can cover up the base of the wreath with boxwood or alternate between green and purple baby’s breath for a vibrant look.

Square Spring Wreath

32. Elegant Coffee Filter Spring Wreath DIY with Video

Coffee Filter Spring Wreath

33. Brown Paper Bag Spring Wreath

Paper Bag Spring Wreath

34. Paper Plate Spring Wreath with Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton flowers arranged on a ring cut out from a paper plate constitutes this DIY. Color mixing is encouraged for the blossoms.

Paper Plate Spring Wreath

35. Cheap Toilet Paper Roll Spring Wreath

Toilet Paper Roll Spring Wreath

36. Spring Wreath with a Basket

Spring Basket Wreath

37. Snake Wreath at Spring

Spring Snake Wreath

38. Springtime Heart Wreath

Spring Heart Wreath

39. Free Knitting Pattern for Springtime Wreath

Spring Wreath Knitting Pattern

Pick up any step by step and proceed with the easy directions. It is best to go through the supplies before beginning and keeping everything close at hand. It will save you from running around in the middle of the DIY. Your guests for spring are in for a big surprise this time round.

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