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22 Paper Rose Tutorials

A rose is the epitome of beauty. However, if you are going for a real one for gifting purposes, it would burn a hole in your pocket unless it is from your own garden. Paper roses are a gorgeous alternative. They can be used for wall decoration, making accessories, art and craft, etc. Kids can use them for scrapbooking.

How to Make a Paper Pose Easy

1. Paper Rose Directions

This beautiful paper rose can effortlessly get you into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Revel in the fun of making something creative for your sweetheart as you design the spiral rose.

Paper Rose

2. How to Make Charming Paper Roses

Don’t spend a fortune on expensive flowers when you can make them out of paper on your own. The combination of red and pink is a winner.

How to Make Paper Roses

3. Paper Rose Template and Instructions

A free rose paper flower template would make things easier for you. You can make the flowers for designing a wedding bouquet or wall decoration.

Paper Rose Template

4. Make a Rose Out of Paper

You need to roll paper into a rose shape for this project. The long stem looks beautiful on the realistic rose flower. The tutorial comes with a free pattern.

Rose Out of Paper

5. DIY Paper Roses

Free templates make the paper rose project a cakewalk for you. You can make them into earrings or a boutonniere if you so wish. These blooms have the looks of Eden roses.

Paper Roses DIY

6. Steps to Make Paper Rose Flowers

There are just a few crafts that can beat the beauty of rolled paper roses. The fact that they can be made quickly comes as a plus. You can arrange them in a heart shape for a shadow box or a wall hanging.

Paper Rose Flowers

7. Paper Rose Making Video

This video tutorial makes the handmade paper rose creation simple for you. You can make big flowers sans the stems and put them together for a majestic paper flower backdrop. A rose paper flower wall would be a majestic addition to a wedding.

Paper Rose Making

More paper flower backdrops

8. How to Make an Easy Rose Out of Paper

You can make these nifty flowers in dual tone out of tissue paper or scrapbook paper. You need sharp scissors to cut out the heart-shaped petals nicely. The step by step tutorial shows you how in an easy way.

Easy Paper Rose

More tissue paper roses

9. Step By Step Guide To Make a Rose with Paper

How to Make Rose with Paper Step By Step

10. Crepe Paper Roses’ Tutorial

The colors of the rainbow would look winsome on your homemade roses made of crepe paper streamers. You can make them into a garland or a wreath. A great idea would be to string them together with fairy lights.

Crepe Paper Roses

11. Pink Paper Rose Tutorial

Paper Rose Tutorial

12. Giant Crepe Paper Roses

You can make these huge red roses out of Italian crepe paper if you wish. Just follow the above-linked tutorial.

Giant Paper Roses

13. White Toilet Paper Rose Steps

How to Make a Toilet Paper Rose

14. Rose Flower Making With Paper

Rose Flowers with Paper

15. How to Make a Large Paper Rose

Large Paper Rose

16. Enchanting Small Paper Roses

Miniature paper roses look beautiful as accents, embellishments and decorations. You can make them in a multitude of colors like gold, white, yellow, blue, purple and arrange them in triplets on your first anniversary gift for your partner. The mini roses look good on birthday and Christmas greeting cards.

Small Paper Roses

17. Alluring Construction Paper Roses

You can make these spiral roses from construction paper or parchment paper. If you want to use them as cake toppers, you can craft them from edible rice wafer paper. DIY coffee filter roses is a good wall décor idea.

Construction Paper Roses

18. Paper Roses from Old Book Pages

Repurpose your old book pages by making lovely roses. You can choose a storybook, notebook or a newspaper for the craft. The flowers have a vintage look.

Paper Roses from Book Pages

19. Attractive Paper Rose Bouquet

Paper Rose Bouquet

20. Crepe Paper Rose Pomander Ball

Design snazzy pomanders with crepe paper roses and Styrofoam balls. It has the looks of a topiary and can be a brilliant table centerpiece.

Crepe Paper Rose Ball

21. RedPaper Quilling Spiral Rose Design for Kids

Paper Quilling Spiral Rose

22. Twisted 3D Paper Rose Flower

Twisted Paper Rose Flower

The paper roses, made in any size, look exotic. The tiny roses are subtle in their appeal while the large ones exude a unique charm. So be prepared to embark on a memorable crafting experience as you give shape to the blooms that are a universal symbol of love.

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