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9 DIYs on How to Make a Pokemon Pinata

A Pokemon piñata filled with candies and other goodies is sure to get the little ones excited at birthday parties. The DIY piñatas are pocket-friendly and mostly easy to make. The various Pokemon franchise characters like Pikachu, Jigglypuff and the Pokeball feature in the below collection of tutorials. You can add your personal touch while making them.

Pokemon Pinata DIY Pictures

1. Pokemon Piñata Tutorial

If you are planning for a Pokemon-themed party, you can opt for a Pokeball piñata that looks extremely fun in its red and white color scheme.

Pokemon Pinata

2. Pokemon Pinata Instructions

This lovely Pokeball piñata is fun and inexpensive to make. The basic model being round, you can learn the DIY easily without the requirement of any fancy shape.

How to Make a Pokemon Pinata

3. Large Pokemon Pokeball Pinata

The supplies for this massive Pokeball piñata are newspapers, crepe paper, glue and an old beach ball. You have to start the procedure by inflating the beach ball.

Pokemon Pokeball Pinata

4. Cute Pikachu Pokemon Pinata

Crepe paper and paper mache go into the making of this amazing Pikachu piñata. You can use it in your party games and have loads of fun smashing it.

Pikachu Pokemon Pinata

5. Adorable Pokemon Pikachu Pinata

Pokemon Pikachu Pinata

6. Pokemon Pinata Guide

In the above-linked tutorial, you have to scroll down to the part that talks about making the Pokeball piñata. Kiddos would love to break it open and lay their hands on the tasty candies.

DIY Pokemon Pinata

7. Pinatas of Pokemon Designs for Kids

Pinatas of Pokemon Designs

8. Hanging Pokemon Ball Pinata

Pokemon Ball Pinata

9. Jigglypuff Pokemon Pinata DIY

Pokemon Pinata DIY

The piñatas are great decorating items too before they are smashed, that is. You would have a good time making them. Involve the kids and they would love every bit of the process. They can give great creative inputs too since they are avid fans of Pokemon and usually don’t miss a single show or movie dedicated to the animation.

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