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5+ DIYs to Make a Paw Patrol Pinata

Paw Patrol, the famous animated television series is immensely favored by kids who would not just have a whale of a time watching it but even prefer goodies or accessories made from the same. While designing a piñata for your LO’s birthday or any special occasion, you could keep the paw patrol theme in mind. Check out the interesting tutorials that follow to make a paw patrol piñata.

DIY Paw Patrol Pinata Pictures

1. How to Easily Make a Marshall Paw Patrol Pinata

Strips of paper and cardboard are all that you need for making this pinata. The cute doggies face teamed with googly eyes makes it exceedingly adorable.

Paw Patrol Pinata

2. How to Make an Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinata

Skye, the Cockapoo, and Everest, the Siberian Husky, one present originally and the other added later are two of Paw Patrol family’s stars, immensely preferred by all. You could either make the Pinata of these two canines as shown in the tutorial or even take a cue from the picture below and make a round one. If planning to make it for a girl then a pink pinata would be a perfect choice.

Skye Paw Patrol Pinata

You could even take inspiration from the image below and make an Everest pinata. The purple ribbons would serve as a pull string.

Paw Patrol Everest Pinata

3. How to Make a Paw Patrol Pull String Pinata

The heart-shaped pinata bearing the images of several members of the Paw Patrol family would delight your kiddo to the fullest. The tutorial is in a foreign language, but the pictorial instructions would help you to make a pinata in a quick and easy way.

Paw Patrol Pinata Pull String

4. DIY to Make a Paw Patrol Pinata with a Cardboard Box

The fringes have been created by alternately placing tissue papers of two colors, however, you may use multiple shades of tissue paper for a unique appeal.

DIY Paw Patrol Pinata

5. Instructions to Make a Marshall Badge Paw Patrol Pinata

If not Marshall, you can design his badge for your kiddo. Draw it or take out its template, design accordingly and paint it in red and yellow.

Paw Patrol Marshall Pinata

You may even design the face of Rubble, the English bulldog on cardboard and decorate them with strips of colored people as shown in the following picture.

Rubble Paw Patrol Pinata

Though all the tutorials shown above are that of piñatas made of cardboard, you may even opt for the paper mache technique. With ample ideas at hand you could choose any member of the paw patrol family like Rocky, Chase, Rubble, Marshall or Skye and design a lovely pinata.

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