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11+ Unicorn Pinata How-to’s

Unicorn pinatas look magical, don’t they? You can use them as a décor element or fill them up with goodies. They can be made in mini and extra-large versions. You can have them in purple, pink, rainbow and white. Take your pick from the gorgeous collection below.

Pictures of DIY Unicorn Pinata

1. Unicorn Pinata Tutorial

This mini pastel unicorn piñata is made with the help of a free, printable template. It can be the perfect table décor for a kid’s party. You can also have a handful of this pattern all over the yard and allow the little ones to take a swing at them.

Unicorn Pinata

2. Unicorn Pinata DIY

You can stick pink polka-dotted tissue paper all over a cardboard horse or donkey base and add the horn, ears and mane for making a cool unicorn piñata.

DIY Unicorn Pinata

3. Make a Small Unicorn Pinata at Home

How to Make a Unicorn Pinata

4. Mini Unicorn Pinata DIY

Mini Unicorn Pinata

5. White Pull String Unicorn Pinata

Unicorn Pinata Pull String

6. Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn Pinata

This is a sparkly unicorn piñata with a rainbow mane. You can customize it to carry the initial of the birthday boy. The unique idea is pretty easy to execute.

Rainbow Unicorn Pinata

7. DIY Large Unicorn Pinata with Strings

This giant standing unicorn string piñata is made with cardboard, tinfoil, regular tape and packing tape. A pink toy pony acts as the base.

Large Unicorn Pinata

8. Huge Unicorn Piñata with Balloon

This adorable, big, pink unicorn head piñata is made using paper mache. The supplies are balloon, flour, water, newspaper, tinsel, ribbon, paper streamers, scissors, confetti, glue and pipe cleaners.

Unicorn Pinata with Balloon

9. Extra Large Unicorn Face Pinata

A round DIY unicorn head piñata reminds you of fairytales. The gold horn and ears add a touch of bling to your party decorations.

Unicorn Pinata Face

Using the same principle as above, you can make a black unicorn piñata for Halloween. The circle unicorn face with a hint of gold looks magical.

Black Unicorn Pinata

10. Homemade Giant Unicorn Pinata

Giant Unicorn Piñata

11. Mexican Unicorn Pinata Step By Step

Mexican Unicorn Pinata

You are free to choose the colors for the mane of your DIY unicorn piñata. You can put small paper flowers on its forehead to add to its cute looks. The horn is the center of attraction of this piñata and would look gorgeous in gold. The pictures above would inspire you in the craft.

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