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29 DIYs to Make a Christmas Card Holder

It’s that time of the year when the weather begins to change, bringing some chill and festive excitement. If you have already planned your decoration this Christmas, we suggest to try out a unique DIY project to display all your good wishes cards. Right from washi tapes to cardboards, you can use anything to make a card holder.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Images

1. Christmas Card Holder: DIY

If you are lover of wall hangings, this card holder craft will steal your heart. Make it look more pleasant using colorful clothespins.

Christmas Card Holder

2. How to Make a Christmas Tree Card Holder

Arrange the different cards in a Christmas tree-like pattern to sync with the current flavor of the season.

Christmas Tree Card Holder

3. How to Make a Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Display Holder

4. Christmas and Holiday Card Holder Idea

You can display Christmas cards as well as photographs on this wooden cardholder.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

5. Christmas Card Holder Wall Display

A hula hoop can also serve the purpose of a wall hanging, exhibiting a wide assortment of Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Holder Wall Hanging

6. How to Make a Photo Holder Christmas Card

Use an adhesive to stick a few layers of old fabric to a repurposed picture frame and insert your cards into the gaps to whip up an eye-catching DIY craft.

Photo Holder Christmas Cards

7. Wonder Christmas Wreath Card Holder Display

Cloth pegs clipped to a hula hoop not only becomes a wonderful wreath, but also a sassy card holder.

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

8. Eucalyptus Garland Christmas Card Holder Idea

If you want to bring nature to your home, make this interesting wall hanging using a thin driftwood branch to suspend Christmas cards, photos, and eucalyptus leaves.

Christmas Card Holder Ideas

9. Make a Hanging Christmas Card Holder

Hanging Christmas Card Holder

10. Unique Christmas Card Wall Holder

Deck your table with a beautiful Christmas board and polka dot tapes to greet your guests for the party.

Christmas Card Wall Holder

11. Christmas Tree Gift Holiday Card Holder

All you need are some decorating clips and a jute twine to display the pretty cards.

Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder

12. Chicken Wire Christmas Card Holder

If you could invest some labor and time in making a wired board, you can whip up a versatile holder for Christmas cards.

Wire Christmas Card Holder

13. Door Christmas Card Holder

The snowflake-themed card holder adds a bright luster to your entrance, giving your guests the best welcome.

Over the Door Christmas Card Holder

14. Large Santa Christmas Card Holder

No Christmas is complete without Santa Claus, especially in the presence of kids inside your house. Moreover, this sort of a holder saves some space too.

Santa Christmas Card Holder

15. Wooden Peg and Wire Coat Hanger Christmas Card Holder

Peg Christmas Card Holder

16. Snowman Holiday Card Holder

Surprise your friends and family by displaying a cute snowman made from embroidery hoops and white felt.

Snowman Christmas Card Holder

17. DIY Burlap Wreath Christmas Card Holder

A door wreath displaying umpteen Christmas cards is a beautiful decorative addition to your home.

Christmas Card Wreath Holder

18. Jingle Bell Garland Christmas Card Holder

Attach the cards to the different strings of cute jingle bells to make a chain of garlands. The DIY craft will surely bring loads of cheerfulness to your house.

Garland Christmas Card Holder

19. Framed Light String Christmas Card Holder

Light String Christmas Card Holder

20. How to Make Christmas Card Holder for Wall

A combination of yardstick, clothespins, and pretty cards adds a festive luster to your plain walls.

Wall Christmas Card Holder

21. Best Picture Frame Holiday Card Holder

A verdant wreath and some eye-catching cards tied to your picture frame will make a unique wall decoration piece.

Picture Frame Christmas Card Holder

22. Homemade Sled Christmas Card Holder

In the tutorial, the sled is turned and decked with the cards using strings and cloth pegs. However, you can follow any other style as per your decoration needs.

Sled Christmas Card Holder

23. DIY Wood Christmas Card Holder

All you need for this simple DIY project are a few wooden dowels and a plywood board to create the magic of the holiday season once again.

Vertical Christmas Card Holder

24. Washi Tape Christmas Card Holder Craft Project

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card Holder

25. Vintage Christmas Card Holder

Cut out a circular strip from a cardboard box and fix several clothespins around it to make a classy holiday wreath card holder.

Christmas Card Holder Cardboard Wreath

26. Christmas Greeting Card Holder with Wine Corks

Use a green and red string to tie the wine corks together and hang it on your wall. Then pin the cards directly on the corks.

Wine Cork Christmas Card Holder

27. Crochet Christmas Card Holder Pattern

You can download the pattern by clicking on the link given in the tutorial.

Crochet Christmas Card Holder

28. Decorative Quilted Christmas Card Holder

If you love quilting, here is an interesting project to make a wall hanging that will serve as a greeting card holder as well.

Quilted Christmas Card Holder Patterns

29. Merry Christmas Card Holder with Ribbons

Ribbon Christmas Card Holder

These simple greetings card holder ideas do not require any special skill. In fact, your kiddos can give you a helping hand too since it is a part of holiday decoration.

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