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33+ DIYs to Make a Gift Bow

A gift bow would be of immense utility to wrap and decorate gifts for any occasion. Satin ribbons, newspaper, crepe paper, duct tape, and tissue paper are some of the items used in designing a gift bow. Let us check out the following tutorials to make amazing gift bows.

DIY Gift Bow Pictures

1. DIY Neon Paper Gift Bows

The stacked appearance in the yellow bow, floral look in the pink bow and simple design in the orange bow are simply unique.

Gift Bow

2. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Gift Bow Out of Ribbon

You could add a few beads or sparkles on top of the gift bow for an enticing effect.

How to Make Ribbon Bow for Gifts

3. Tutorial to Make a Festive Orange Gift Bow with Scrap Paper

Upcycled magazines, catalogs or newspaper would definitely go into the making of this magnificent bow.

How to Make a Gift Bow

4. How to Make a Giant Gift Wrap Bow

This giant gift bow would look amazing when sitting on a huge gift box.

Gift Wrap Bow

5. How to Make a Big Red Gift Bow Out of Satin Ribbon

The finishing touch to this ribbon would be a stylish gift tag that could be made with paper or even burlap for a rustic appeal.

Big Gift Bow

6. Idea to Make Tissue Paper Gift Wrapping Bows

Spread some glitter on the bow for a gorgeous touch.

Gift Wrapping Bows

7. Easy DIY to Make Your Own Car Gift Bow

This cute red bow placed right in the middle adds to its sophistication.

Car Gift Bow

8. Cute DIY Poinsettias Bows for Gift Wrapping in Christmas

 Besides poinsettia, you could even make a bow out of snowflakes to bring in the Christmas fervor, the directions would be the same, only the design would change.

Christmas Gift Bows

9. Colorful Wrapping Bows DIY

While giving a gift to someone who is passionate about photography, this idea of making the bow using film strips would certainly be an instant hit.

DIY Gift Bow

10. How to Make a Large Puffy Burlap Ribbon Gift Bow

This large bow would be ideal for decorating wreaths and presents. The burlap gives it an elegant and rustic look. The supplies for the DIY are bow wire, burlap, craft paper and wired ribbon.

Large Gift Bow

11. Gift Bow Tie Instructions

If you have a small gift box, then this bunny-styled bow with a cute hang tag would be highly apt.

Gift Bow Tie

12. How to Make a Money Origami Gift Bow

How to Make a Gift Bow Out of Money

13. How to Make a Black GIF Bow for Halloween

Stick a small skull’s head on both side of the bow for an eerie feel.

Black Gift Bow

14. Howto Make a Baby Shower Bow for a Gift Basket

The extra curled ribbon hanging to the end gives it a cute appearance. The color of the ribbon could also be pink or blue if gifting it for someone’s baby shower.

How to Make a Bow for a Gift Basket

15. How to Make a Gift Bow Out of Paper

How to Make a Gift Bow Out of Paper

16. Gift Basket Bows Tutorial

Attaching a faux flower to the center of the bow would be a fine idea.

Gift Basket Bows

17. Printable Faux Bow Gift Boxes DIY

Gift Box with Bow

18. DIY Pink Tissue Bow Tutorial

While giving gifts for a Minnie or Mickey Mouse-themed birthday party, this bow style would be an apt one.

Tissue Paper Bows for Gifts

19. Instructions to Make a White Gift Bow

White Gift Bow

20. Easy DIY Glitter Bow

Glitter Gift Bows

The polka dotted bow with shimmering glitters would make your gift appear even more gorgeous.

Glitter Bows for Presents

21. How to Make a Tulle Bow for a Gift Basket

The big, pretty tulle bow would be a perfect choice particularly while giving presents to a kid.

How to Make a Tulle Bow for Gift

22. Tartan-Patterned Gift Bow with Scarp Paper

Even if not the tartan fabric, you could replicate the pattern by using a paper of a similar design.

Tartan Gift Bow

23. How to Make a Ribbon with Coca Cola Bottle Paper

The lovely bow made from the wrapper of a Coca Cola bottle is indeed a work of innovation.

Coca Cola Bottle Gift Bow

24. How to Make Duct Tape Gift Bow

How to Make a Duct Tape Gift Bow

25. Homemade Present Bow

If you have Christmas-themed pictures, cut them and make them into pretty bows. In fact, you could do the same for any festival or occasion like Thanksgiving or Halloween, only the theme being changed.

Present Bow

26. How to Make a Simple Present Bow

Keep two long strands of bow at the end for a unique feel.

How to Make Present Bow

27. How to Make a Tulle Bow for a Present

A small flower at the center would intensify the beauty of this tulle bow.

How to Make a Tulle Bow for Present

28. How to Make a Large Double Bow for a Present

Using wide ribbons would help you in shaping it in a proper manner, especially when you are designing a double bow.

How to Tie a Double Bow on a Present

29. How to Make Bows Out of Curling Ribbon for Presents

The curly effect might look messy but would give the bow a chic appearance.

Curly Bows for Presents

30. Yellow Gift Bow from Recycled Paper Tutorial

Yellow Gift Bow

31. Cute Burlap Bow for Gift Wrap

You may wrap colorful twine at the center of the bow.

Burlap Gift Bows

32. Up-Cycle Newspaper Gift Wrapping DIY

How to Make a Gift Bow Out of Newspaper

33. How to Make Fabric Gift Bows

How to Make Fabric Bows for Gifts

With so many unique designs at hand, you would not have to ponder much while selecting a bow for giving gifts.

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