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24 How to Make a Cheer Bow DIY Tutorials

A cheer bow sits pretty on your hair and can be customized in a variety of ways as per your choice. They look great in bright colors. You can make it with different materials such as duct tape, ribbons of one or two colors, sequin fabric, etc. They look beautiful when embellished with rhinestones.

Cheer Bow DIY Pictures

1. Steps to Make a Cheer Bow

You can make this DIY cheer bow in blue ribbon and decorate it further with a blue camouflage ribbon if you wish. It is made with grosgrain and red chevron ribbon.

How to Make a Cheer Bow

2. DIY Cheer Hair Bow

Make the 4th of July special with this cheer bow that has stars and stripes all over it. It gets you in a competitive mood as you cheer on your varsity team.

DIY Cheer Bow

3. Cheer Bow Out Of Ribbon

Purple grosgrain ribbon, sparkle rhinestones, zip tie, hot glue, lighter, and scissors are the supplies for your cheer bow.

Cheer Bow with Ribbon

4. Make Your Own Stiff Cheer Bow

Have you wondered how to make your cheer bow stiff? You need to just use a little bit of hardening hairspray on your hair.

Stiff Cheer Bow

5. Professional Cheer Bow Tutorial

A white cheer hair bow has all the ingredients to get you noticed as you cheer for your favorite team. The above-linked article has simple instructions accompanied by step-by-step images.

Professional Cheer Bow

6. Homemade Cheer Bow Idea

Cheer Bow Idea

7. Handmade Cheer Bow Guide

This is a simple-to-make tic tock cheer bow that doesn’t need you to use a heat bond. The step by step DIY comes with pictures for ease of understanding.

Cheer Bow Tutorial

8. Duct Tape Cheer Bow Instructions

The two-sided style of this duct tape hair bow would grab many eyeballs. If you want, you can make it with a checkerboard design of duct tape as well.

Duct Tape Cheer Bows Step By Step

More duct tape bows

9. Big No Sew Cheer Bow Tutorial

Since this cheer bow can be done without any sewing, you would find this project hassle-free. You can either use a colorful ribbon or just a plain white ribbon that can later be embellished with glitter designs.

Big No Sew Cheer Bow

10. Good Layered Cheer Bow Directions

This fancy cheer bow is color-coordinated and fixed with a ponytail holder for keeping your hair in place.

How to Do a Layered Cheer Bow

11. Making a Huge Basic Cheer Bow At Home

A rhinestone monogram looks classy on a white fabric cheer bow. You can put the initials of your name or the icon of your team in there.

Basic Cheer Bow

12. How to Make a Big Ribbon Cheer Hair Bow Step by Step

Big Cheer Hair Bow Out Of Ribbon

13. Large Hard Cheer Bow

Spandex, 3” grosgrain ribbon, zip ties, elastics, and heat transfer vinyl are the main supplies for this pretty hair bow. Just click on the above link, and you will know how to nail the project.

How to Make Hard Cheer Bows

14. Perfect Mini Cheer Bow

A small, pink and white cheer bow would look cute on your little girl. If you want it to be bigger, just adjust the length of the ribbon that you cut.

Mini Cheer Bow

15. Free Instructions for Creating a Cheer Bow

Free Cheer Bow Instructions

16. Making Cheer Bows with Fabric

Cheer Bow Out Of Fabric

17. Perfect Two-Toned Cheer Bow

Two-Toned Cheer Bow

18. Cute Custom Cheer Bow

Custom Cheer Bow

19. Texas Size Bow for Cheer

Texas Size Cheer Bow

20. Fancy Dolly Tailless Rhinestone Cheer Bow with Glitter Vinyl

Dolly Tailless Rhinestone Glitter Cheer Bow with Vinyl

21. Fold a Sequin Fabric into a Cheer Bow

Cheer Bow with Sequin Fabric

22. Awesome Sublimated Competition Cheer Bow

Awesome Sublimated Cheer Bow

23. Easy Tick Tock Cheer Bow Video

Easy Tick Tock Cheer Bow

24. Breast Cancer Cheer Bow DIY

Breast Cancer Cheer Bow

There are ample ways you can decorate your handmade cheer bow. You can go through any of the tutorials above to form an idea. By doing that, you can also make yourself aware of how to customize your cheer bow with autographs, words of your choice, pictures, etc.

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