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41+ DIYs to Make Decorative Easter Baskets

With Easter around the corner, making Easter baskets for your kiddos and other loved ones may be the first thing on your bucket list. These exciting DIYs would throw light on baskets of various designs and patterns like that of a rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Elma, ninja and much more.

DIY Easter Basket Pictures

1. DIY Edible Easter Basket with Candy Boxes

The easiest way to make Easter baskets is to arrange candy boxes and stuff it with goodies. The nerd ropes could also be replaced by showy ribbons.

DIY Easter Baskets

2. DIY Disney Easter Basket Ideas

If you already have a stylish basket at hand, learn how to artistically decorate it with the help of this tutorial.

Easter Basket Idea

3. Mini Wooden Easter Basket DIY for Toddlers

Consider making a paper rabbit or carrot and stick it right in front of the basket to get the Easter feel.

Easter Basket DIY Idea for Toddlers

If your LO swears by Pokémon, then this Easter surprise him with a Pokémon-themed basket like the one shown in the picture below. You may use a plastic bucket as your base and then wrap it with red and white felt paper. A bunny made of cardboard or paper may sit at the center.

Pokémon Easter Basket

4. Easter Basket Decoration Ideas DIY

By looking at the English subtitles, you would get ideas of decorating the readymade baskets. The ribbon may be replaced by twine for a rustic appearance.

DIY Easter Basket Decorations

5. How to Make Easter Baskets for Him

While planning an Easter basket for your boyfriend or husband, a jute bucket like this one is definitely a perfect choice.

How to Make an Easter Basket

6. Wooden Easter Basket Tutorial

Addition of beads or buttons on the wooden sticks gives the basket a decorative look.

DIY Wooden Easter Basket

7. How to Make a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Themed Easter Basket

You could stuff in plenty Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed goodies to keep at par with the theme.

Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets

For a gorgeous look, design it with ribbon and tulle. The pink satin polka-dotted bow adds to its charm.

Minnie Mouse Easter Basket DIY

8. How to Make Basketball-Themed Easter Baskets

The grid lines drawn on the basket give it the appearance of a net. The basketball styled goodies would thrill your little master to the core if he is a fan of the game.

Basketball Easter Basket

9. DIY Easter Bunny Basket Made Out of Milk Jug

The bunny can be replaced with carrots or eggs.

Milk Jug Easter Basket

10. DIY to Make Easter Baskets Out of Yarn

Instead of the glue the yarn can be drenched in sugary syrup made with half cup warm water and a cup of sugar.

Yarn Easter Basket

11. Felt Easter Basket DIY

You can omit the flower part if you are not a pro at DIYing and simply make the bag with white (rabbit) or orange (carrot) felt to retain the Easter feel.

Felt Easter Basket DIY

12. How to Make a Troll Poppy Easter Basket

Trolls Poppy Easter Basket

13. DIY Easter Basket for an Adult

Easter Basket Gift Idea for Adults

14. Car Easter Basket Idea for Boys

To deviate from the traditional basket, a cute truck or any other interesting plaything may be opted for to delight your toddler to the core.

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

15. Mini Easter Basket for Kids DIY

If planning to send gifts to your kiddo’s friends for Easter these mini baskets would be perfect.

Mini DIY Easter Baskets

16. How to Make Paw Patrol Easter Basket for Toddlers

If your toddler is a fan of this animated series, he would definitely love the Paw Patrol themed Easter basket.

Paw Patrol Easter Basket DIY

The basket may even be covered with orange and green paper like the one in the image below for a Ninja look.

DIY Ninja Turtle Easter Basket

17. Tutorial to Make a Tutu Easter Basket

When your dearest pal is expecting a princess in spring, this beautiful tulle basket stuffed with love, good wishes, and goodies (for the newborn) would be a perfect gift for her.

Tutu Easter Basket

If your DD is a Princess Belle fan, then you could design the basket with yellow tulle, fill it with Beauty and the Beast goodies and can even attach Belle’s picture on it. The image shown below would make your job easier.

Beauty and the Beast Easter Basket

18. How to Make a DIY Unicorn Basket

Unicorn Easter Basket DIY

19. How to Easter Bunny Basket Out of a Paper Plate

This is the easiest way to delight your LO with a bunny Easter basket, especially if you do not have much time at hand.

Easter Bunny Basket

If you find difficulties in shaping a design then download a printable or template and make your design in accordance to that.

Easter Bunny Basket Printable

20. DIY Origami Easter Bunny Basket

This is the best and easiest basket craft to teach preschoolers. Use a bigger paper in case you want to put too many things as that could lessen the risk of it tearing.

Origami Eastern Bunny Basket

21. Crocheted Easter Bunny Basket Free Pattern

You may also consider stitching a carrot on the other side of its paw for a unique look.

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

22. DIY Ideas to Make String Easter Egg Baskets

Using a balloon for the base and folliwng the paper mache method would help you make a pretty basket as this one.

Easter Egg Basket
Free Printable Easter Egg Basket Template

23. Egg Carton Easter Basket Craft

Egg Carton Easter Basket Craft

24. DIY Frozen-Themed Easter Basket

If your little princess is Frozen-obsessed, then a pretty Easter basket like this one is what you should choose for her. You can also make a basket keeping in mind the Disney princesses and select the color scheme accordingly

Frozen Easter Basket

To design your Easter basket in the shape of your kiddo’s favorite Sesame street character, Elmo, all you need to do is take a wicker basket, paint it red, add the trademark woogly eyes and big ornage nose and then tie a red ribbon on top. The picture below would be of further help.

Elmo Easter Basket

25. Cute Easter Basket for Newborn or Infant

In his infancy, your LO would obviously not be able to search the Easter eggs, yet this basket would serve as memorabilia which he would cherish as he matures in age.

Infant Easter Basket

26. DIY Fabric Easter Basket

DIY Fabric Easter Basket

27. Pretty Pink Easter Basket Tutorial for a Newborn Baby Girl

The pink furry chicks gives the basket an adorable look. Replace the pink yarn with blue if making it for a newborn boy.

Baby Girl Easter Basket

28. DIY Easter Bunny Tutu Basket for Toddler Girl

You could attach your toddler’s photo in front of the basket for a personalized touch.

Easter Basket Idea for Toddler Girl

29. DIY Pickle Fence Easter Basket with Craft Stick and Grass

You can mix green and brown grass together for a unique effect.

DIY Easter Basket Grass

30. DIY Peppa Pig Easter Basket

The pink theme of the basket gives it a Peppa Pig fervor.

Peppa Pig Easter Basket

31. Hello Kitty Easter Basket for Kids DIY

Hello Kitty Easter Basket

32. Directions to Make a Beach Towel Easter Basket

The combination of a pool noodle and a beach towel certainly gives the basket an out-of-the-box look.

Beach Towel Easter Basket DIY

33. DIY Bunny-Shaped Easter Basket from Cardboard Box

DIY Cardboard Easter Basket

34. DIY Burlap Easter Basket

You can also make the flower out of a bright satin ribbon in place of burlap as shown here.

Burlap Easter Basket

35. DIY Umbrella Easter Basket

The fastest way to make an Easter Basket is to take colorful umbrellas, fill them with goodies, and tie a showy ribbon on the sides if you wish, and Holla you are done.

Umbrella Easter Basket Idea

36. Rain Boots Easter Basket DIY

Buy the rain boots, fill them with faux grass and goodies and you have this unconventional Easter Basket ready.

Rain Boot Easter Basket

37. Edible Peeps Marshmallow Easter Baskets

Peeps Easter Basket DIY

38. Unique Idea to Make Tween Easter Baskets

Selecting an Easter Basket for a tween may indeed be a mammoth task, this tutorial provides certain ideas that you can opt for your 8-12-year-old kids.

Tween Easter Basket

39. How to Make a Diaper Easter Basket

This cute diaper basket would be a perfect baby shower gift you can give to a would-be-momma.

How to Make a Diaper Easter Basket

40. How to Make a Homemade Easter Gift Basket Out of Paper

How to Make Easter Baskets Out of Paper

41. How to Make a Cloth Easter Basket

How to Make a Cloth Easter Basket

Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, you may choose any particular theme while choosing Easter baskets like Spiderman, Superman, Disney princesses, Barbie, minion, Star Wars and much more. If you are not much into DIYing, then you can buy a theme-based basket and stuff it with goodies of the same. Simple plastic buckets, metal buckets, wicker baskets or paper bags may serve as the base for your basket. So with a whole lot of ideas at hand, your Easter would certainly be a blessed and fulfilling one.

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