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12 Easy Halloween Table Runner Patterns and Ideas

Delight your guests for Halloween by covering up the dining table with these whimsical table runners. Kids would be filled with awe for these. Cook up a storm and as your guests savor the sumptuous meal, we bet they can’t keep their eyes off these beauties. It goes without saying that the color code would be majorly orange and black. Our patterns are free and ready to be put to work.

Halloween Table Runner Pattern

1. Table Runner for Halloween

Polka dotted as well as solid colored ribbons make this table runner an enchanting piece. The orange background makes the zig zag stripes stand out. Not to forget, the sharp black border.

Halloween Table Runner

2. How to Make a Halloween Table Runner

Leftover scraps of fabric were put together for this incredible project. The colors have a beautiful Halloween theme to them. Gold thread was used in a meander pattern for the quilting. The site contains a link to the free pattern.

Halloween Table Runner Idea

3. Halloween Table Runner Crochet Lace Pattern

A jack-o’-lantern table runner would merge seamlessly into the Halloween theme. Done in filet crochet, this table runner boasts of an intricate pattern. The yellow and orange combination is just perfect for the occasion. You can decorate with beads at the edges for adding some zing.

Crochet Lace Halloween Table Runner Pattern

More crochet table runner patterns

4. Free Halloween Table Runner Quilt Pattern

This reversible table runner has a Halloween pattern on one side and a Thanksgiving pattern on another. A zig zag binding was used to minimize the mistakes and finish the project fast.

Halloween Table Runner Quilt Pattern

5. Cool Pattern for Halloween Table Runner

You would need to cut fabrics of specific measurements for this table runner. ¼” seam allowances have been kept. You should sew with the right sides unless the instructions state otherwise.

Free Halloween Table Runner Pattern

6. Hand Painted Halloween Table Runner Out Of Burlap Fabric

The step by step guides you to hand paint twigs and birds on a burlap table runner. Once you know the technique, you can use it to create any spooky form on burlap fabric.

Hand Painted Burlap Halloween Table Runner

7. Designer Halloween Table Runner Sewing Pattern

Here is an excellent way to utilize scrap pieces of fabric that you might have gathered as leftovers from a previous sewing project. 2”-3” width is the ideal size of the strips. If they are too short to fit the runner, piece them. The main idea is sewing the strips together.

Designer Halloween Table Runner by Sewing

8. Simple Black And White Halloween Table Runner

A freezer paper design ironed in place on a burlap table runner and spray painted in black is the core of the DIY. The spray paint should be done evenly and allowed to dry before peeling off the freezer paper. Make it a point to keep a uniform seam allowance.

Black And White Halloween Table Runner

9. DIY Halloween Quilted Table Runner Pattern

This table runner is a medley of bright Halloween colors. The triangular shapes merge seamlessly into each other while maintaining their individuality. It is good for the coffee table too.

DIY Halloween Table Runner

10. Hexagon Halloween Table Runner Tutorial

For this cute hexagonal table runner, strips of fabric were first sewn together followed by using a rotary cutter and the 60-degree mark of a quilting ruler to cut out triangles that are later sewn for the final shape. Great for putting a candle in the middle. You could also put googly eyed artificial spiders on it for a scary feel.

Hexagon Halloween Table Runner

11. Easy Felt Halloween Table Runner

Felt Halloween Table Runner

12. Halloween Table Runner in Primitive Style

Primitive Halloween Table Runner

This year, the Halloween table setting is going to be a craft lover’s paradise. What with all your efforts in cutting, piecing, painting, sewing, crocheting geared towards a laudable collection of table runners. Most of the tutorials, excepting the crochet and sewing ones, do not need a lot of time to be made. So, get, set and go!

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