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20 Free Patterns to Make a Quilted Tote Bag

The technique of quilting achieved by stitching two or more fabrics together is indeed effective in making a whole lot of stuff like placemats, blankets, table runners and much more. If you are fond of tote bags and love carrying them on a shopping spree then here are some amazing and unique tutorials on how to make quilted tote bags by attaching bits of fabrics together through quilting.

Quilted Tote Bag Pictures

1. DIY Fabric Basket Quilted Tote Free Pattern

This pretty pink spacious bag would be your perfect companion on a shopping spree. You can either go for a zipper or even use a magnetic closure.

Quilted Tote Bag

2. Free Pattern to Make a Quilted Tote Bag

The topstitching technique done with the help of a straight stitch makes it more durable so that they will not strain even if it has heavy stuff within.

Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

3. Directions to Make a Fabric Quilted Tote Bag

The light blue strips of fabric in the front appearing like a pocket makes the bag look even more unique.

Fabric Quilted Tote Bag

4. Large Strappy Quilted Tote Bags with Pockets Tutorial

The presence of pockets in the interior and exterior make this bag of great utility. The leather straps as shown here can also be replaced by thrifted handles or attractive fabric straps (perhaps from the leftovers of the material used in making the bags).

Large Quilted Tote Bags

5. Handmade Reversible Rag Quilt Tote Bag

While one side appears shabby and rustic, the other side has a chic look.

How to Make a Rag Quilt Tote Bag

6. Instructions to Make a Simple Six Pocket Quilted Summer Infant Bag

If you are planning to use this bag for your LO’s stuff then a magnetic closure instead of zip would be more feasible, as every time you are with your kiddo, opening the zip could be a little tedious.

Summer Infant Quilted Tote Bag

7. Dress Stitchery Quilted Tote Bag DIY

The embroidered dress pattern running through the middle makes it look increasingly gorgeous.

Embroidered Quilted Tote Bag

8. Free and Easy Pattern to Make a Large Quilted Tote Bag

Free Quilted Tote Bag Pattern Instructions

9. ReverseApplique Quilted Tote Bag Monogram Tutorial

This tutorial shows you the technique to add a monogram to a handmade tote bag. You could follow any of the instructions and make a tote bag as shown above and then add the monogram, choosing the design of your choice.

Monogrammed Quilted Tote Bags

10. Simple Quilted Zippered Tote Bag Tutorial

Quilted Tite Bag with Zipper

11. Small Quilted Tote Bag Instructions

You could even make it one or two sizes smaller than the one shown here to give it a purse-like appearance. For Halloween, you could make a tote bag with black fabric perhaps having white cats embossed on it.

Small Quilted Tote Bags

12. How to Quilt a Red Rag Quilted Tote Gift Bag

If you are planning to gift it to someone for Christmas, then the flower pattern could be replaced with the template of Santa Claus, snowflakes or even reindeer. You could even go for colorful fabric straps or a burlap one to attain a rustic look.

Red Quilted Tote Bag

13. Crazy Quilted Tote Bag DIY

Crazy Quilt Tote Bag

13. Wine Tote Bag Pattern Tutorial

The spacious tote bag would be enough to accommodate your wine bottles.

Quilted Wine Tote Bag Pattern

14. DIY Designer Tote Bag

A monogram in the center would add to the elegance of this tote bag.

Designer Quilted Tote Bag

15. How to Make Extra Large Tote Bags

The lined-design outside and printed pattern within gives the bag a boho-chic appearance.

Extra Large Quilted Tote Bag

16. DIY Floral Tote Bag Pattern

The felt flowers at the center enhance the beauty of this bag. You may even add tulle flowers in combination to the felt ones for a spectacular feel.

Quilted Floral Tote Bag

17. DIY Leather Tote Bag

A pretty flower can even be made using the fabric that has been used inside.

Quilted Leather Tote Bag

18. Crafty Tote Changing Bag Directions

The abstract pattern shown here adds a sense of sophistication to the bag.

Quilted Tote Changing Bag

19. Easy Wine Bottle Tote Bag Tutorial

Bottle Tote Bag Quilted

20. Stylish Homemade Quilted Tote Tutorial

The real leather straps would add durability to this big tote bag and not fall off if you carry a lot of heavy stuff in it.

Quilted Tote

With so many unique patterns available, you would definitely be able to make a handful of these useful tote bags for different occasions. You can change your choice of fabric in accordance to the occasion, for instance, it would be bunny for Easter, pumpkin for Halloween, Santa Claus and snowflakes for Christmas and so on.

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