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How to Make an Angel Tree Topper: 48+ DIYs

Angel tree toppers gracefully light up the coveted Christmas tree that is the heart of the season’s celebrations. We have tried to compile a handful of DIYs with instructions to quench your appetite for craft this winter. Suave and classy, the angel tree toppers are sure to blow your mind away.

Angel Tree Topper Pictures

1. DIY Angel Tree Topper

Blonde doll hair is the strength of this homemade angel. Paper doilies have been folded to form the body. For the full instructions, just click on the above link.

Angel Tree Topper

2. Weeping Angel Topper for Christmas Tree

You would need an old doll for this DIY. It has to be ripped off its legs and hair. Now you have to use air dry clay on it. It is good to keep a bowl of water nearby so that you can use it while working. It is because the clay tends to dry quickly.

Angel Christmas Tree Topper

3. Christmas Tree Angel Tree Topper

A paper mache angel has been remodeled to transform into a glitzy one by applying white acrylic paint, decopatching the neck and the skirt bottom with snowflake Decomache paper and following a few other instructions as indicated in the above-linked step by step.

Christmas Tree Angel Topper

The Nordic angel can be made in the same lines as the above. A slightly long paper cone would suit the body. The red hearts sit pretty on the white dress.

Red Angel Tree Topper

4. Christmas Angel Tree Topper Holding Star

White air hardening clay was used to make the face and the neck portion of the angel that was later painted in colors of your choice. The base is a Styrofoam ball atop a paper mache cone. The brown hair looks awesome on the angel. It carries the charm of the 40’s through 70’s.

Angel Topper for Christmas Tree

5. Rustic Angel for Tree Topper

Turn your read storybook into a cute angel just by folding at the right places. The only component other than paper is a polystyrene or a ping pong ball for the head. You might want to glue glitter or spray paint in gold for a lustrous effect.

Rustic Angel Tree Topper

6. Make an Angel Tree Topper

This article is on Christmas decorations. You would have to scroll down to find the part dedicated to making the weeping angel. Your spray painting skills would come in handy here.

Angel Tree Topper Craft

7. Lovely Angel Tree Topper for Christmas

The simple tutorial directs you to make the angel out of cardstock for the dress and wings. However, you are free to unleash your creativity and craft the wings out of burlap. They are nothing but fan-shaped structures.

Christmas Angel Tree Topper

8. How to Make an Angel Tree Topper

Tree Topper Angel

9. Small Angel Tree Topper Out Of Paper Plates

Paper plate cut outs create this pristine angel. You just need to fold the plates and cut according to the given diagrams. You might leave it plain white or spray paint in purple, pink, red and gold as per your wish. You may use different shades of blue for a nautical effect.

Small Angel Tree Topper

10. Lighted Angel Tree Toppers for Christmas Trees

Here a wedding Barbie doll has been shunned of her veil to fit into the shoes of this lit angel tree topper. Silver stars were used for decorating the figure. A wire butterfly was modified to serve as the angel’s wings. Feathers were added to the wings for a touch of sophistication.

Lighted Angel Tree Topper

If you don’t like any corner of your tree unlit, you might want to put on electric lights on your handmade angel tree topper. Just fit in replacement or bubble lights for an illuminated angel. Fiber optic wings could also seal the deal for you.

Light Up Angel Tree Topper

11. Silver Christmas Tree Topper Angel

A silver pipe cleaner has been twisted in a circle for the halo. The wings have silver glitter glued to it and long strips of the chosen paper adorn the cone-shaped body. The angel body looks dapper in the silver background provided by the wings.

Christmas Tree Topper Angel

12. Vintage Christmas Angel Tree Topper

The soft and delicate tulle has gone into the making of this Christmas ornament. You can tweak the DIY a bit to transform it into a joyous angel tree topper. Just give the top loop for hanging a miss and you are good to go.

Vintage Angel Tree Topper

Take the decorations up by a few notches by fixing LED lights beneath the dress. Red satin ribbon bows on the dress and a red crown add to the looks.

LED Angel Christmas Tree Topper

13. Golden Christmas Tree Angel Tree Topper

The supplies for this project are a doll, cardstock, white duct tape, cheesecloth, cardstock, lace, hot glue, wire and feathers.

Unique Angel Tree Topper for Christmas Tree

14. Coffee Filter Angel Christmas Tree Topper

This coffee filter angel ornament can also be used as a tree topper without the arrangement for hanging. A cotton ball serves as the head and pipe cleaners define the parts of the angel.

Make Your Own Angel Christmas Tree Topper

15. Book Christmas Angel Tree Topper

A hymnal would be the main ingredient of the project. Remove the pages from the front and back that do not contain any musical notes and fold the rest into this incredible angel tree topper. The hair can be red or dark in color. You might even use real hair if you are that keen to keep it natural.

Christmas Tree Angel Topper With Book

16. Crochet Christmas Angel Tree Topper

Crochet Christmas Tree Topper Angel

17. 3D Lace and Burlap Angel Tree Toppers

Though originally ornaments these burlap angels can be customized to fit the mold of tree toppers. Lace adds to the sophistication and the hearts are just perfect for the festive occasion.

Burlap Angel Tree Toppers

18. Vintage-y Christmas Tree Angel Topper

Pages of old books can be cut in doily patterns for this angel. Check how the doilies have been folded into conical shapes for the craft. The face can be cut in the round or any other simple doily shape. It can be decorated with roses and leaves to break the monotony of the plain white.

Vintage Angel Christmas Tree Topper

19. Angel Tree Topper in Gold

A wired silk poinsettia blossom, a wooden ball for the head, moss for the hair and a hot glue gun are mainly the supplies for this project. Just raise 2 petals for the wings and use a gold string for the halo.

Gold Angel Tree Topper

20. Angel Xmas Tree Topper

Stone textured spray paint creates this weeping angel. Look for an angel with sculpted rather than real hair for this activity. The wings should be solid rather than feathered.

Xmas Angel Tree Topper

21. Baby Angel as Tree Topper

A template has been provided for the different parts of the angel. Color the wings in your desired color. A clear bead plays the role of the head. The halo is a silver piece that can be replaced by tinfoil, silver pipe cleaner or a wire loop that are easier available alternatives.

Baby Angel Tree Topper

22. Angel Tree Topper Crochet Pattern

Crochet Angel Tree Topper

23. Tree Topper Angel of Coffee Filter

Coffee filter, Styrofoam cone, ball and a toothpick go into the making of this angel tree topper. The first step is to place the coffee filter over the Styrofoam cone. Then the toothpick pierces through the top of the coffee filter to get halfway inside the cone. Then the ball is pierced through the top.

White Tree Topper Angel

24. Lovely Custom Angel Tree Topper

In this Christmas project, a circle cutter is used to form the circles of the body. Half the circles were used for the arms. The circles are stamped in a pattern of your choice for the fabulous looks. A thin line of glitter adorns the bottom edge of the dress and the arms.

Custom Angel Tree Topper

25. Easy Yarn Angel as Christmas Tree Topper

Yarn Christmas Angel Tree Topper

26. Angel Tree Topper Out Of Porcelain

Get your gear together for this elegant Victorian style angel tree topper. The main ingredients are a cone form and porcelain doll head and arms.

Porcelain Angel Tree Topper

27. Glitzy Antique Angel Tree Topper

Antique Angel Tree Topper

28. How to Make a Christmas Tree Angel Topper

Make Your Own Angel Tree Topper

29. Large Country Angel Tree Topper

Country Angel Tree Topper

30. Angel Tree Topper Made Of Wire

Wire Angel Tree Topper

31. Steps for Making an Angel Tree Topper

How to Make an Angel Tree Topper

32. Handmade Tan Craft Paper Angel Tree Topper

Handmade Angel Tree Topper

33. Modern Cupcake Liner Angel Tree Topper

You would need to translate the page to get the instructions in English. You would need to attach a button at the end of a thread and stitch through the underside of the shapes as you gather the cupcake liners together.

Modern Angel Tree Topper

34. Angel Tree Topper Out Of Paper

Paper Angel Tree Topper

35. Angel Tree Topper of Felt

Felt Angel Tree Topper

36. Crochet Guardian Angel Tree Topper

Guardian Angel Tree Topper

37. Traditional Angel Tree Topper with Halo

Traditional Angel Tree Topper

38. Doll Angel Tree Topper

Parts of this doll were remodeled for angel-like looks. Instead of a blonde, you can choose a brunette. African American, ethnic, Indian, Irish and Italian dolls can be purchased for bringing in a variation in the looks. 

Angel Tree Topper Doll

39. Angel Tree Topper in Grinch Theme

Angel Tree Topper from the Grinch

40. Paper Plates for Angel Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper Paper Plate

41. Tree Topper Angel with Horn

Tree Topper Angels Carrying Horns

42. Knit Pattern for Angel Tree Topper

Knit Angel Tree Topper Pattern

43. Angel Tree Topper Knitted

Knitted Angel Tree Topper

44. Natural Tree Topper Angel

Natural Angel Tree Topper

45. Instructions for Origami Angel Tree Topper

Origami Angel Tree Topper Instructions

46. Angel Tree Topper Quilted

Since the tutorial is in a foreign language, you need to right-click on it; click on “Translate to English” command and the page will be translated for you. The fabric wings showcase a padded look due to meticulous quilting.

Quilted Angel Tree Topper

47. DIY Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Weeping Angel Tree Topper DIY

48. Dress Pattern for Angel Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper Dress Pattern

The angels look expensive but cost peanuts. You might want to try out a variety of materials like velvet, stained glass, etc. for the angels. Needlepoint embroidered ones look grand on your Christmas tree. The crochet angels bear a delicate look. You can flaunt them outdoors at the front gate.

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