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How to Make Painted Jeans: 7 DIYs and Ideas

Painting on jeans is a creative way to transform your boring pairs into interesting ones. It could be on the one side or even on the pockets, but a touch of painting, however small or big it is, has a magical power to give your old jeans a makeover.

Painted Jean Pictures

1. Painted Jeans for Regular Purposes

If you are a college student, then you may use such designs on your jeans. The cool, funky, and light patterns are easy to make.

Casual Painted Jeans

2. Painted Jeans with Multiple Colors

Its time you should let your inner artist set free and opt for fusion painting. The choice of colors will be yours at the day end, so color your jeans according to your mood.

Colorfully Painted Jeans

3. Abstract Painting on the Jeans

This design is specifically for one side of your jeans, but with the creative flow you can decorate the whole jeans or any specific part of it.

Aesthetic Painted Jeans

4. High Street Fashion Painted Jeans

The light colors on the sky blue jeans look good and prominent. The itsy-bitsy pattern makes it even more casual.

Easy Tutorial for Painted Jeans

5. Cherry Blossom Painted Jeans

Imagine beautiful and soft cherry blossoms adorning your jeans in an artistic way! Go through the instruction and make one piece of art.

Jean Painting Idea

6. Floral Painting on White Jeans

White surfaces are good for showcasing blue designs like the leaf patterns here. Perfect for autumn or fall, but, you may make a star or other patterns as well.

Hand Painted Jeans

7. Painted Jeans with Animal Prints Tutorial

The bleach paint is easy and hassle-free, although it might not seem so. Check the tutorial and make one.

DIY Painted Jeans

Painting the jeans is a fascinating and tempting idea for young girls and their moms. Instead of buying new ones, changing the existing ones with a completely different look is undoubtedly budget-friendly as well. However, if you do not want to have your jeans painted, you can try painting your jean pockets.

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