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Paper Mache Elephant: 12 Super-Easy DIY Ideas

Our inexplicable affinity towards one of the most regal, intelligent and mysterious mammals on the planet, the mighty elephant, is nothing new.  And trying our hands at perfecting the paper mache elephant is our way of not only paying homage to this mammoth creature, but also sprucing up our home décor like the wall over the fireplace, the front lawn or backyard. So read on to find out how to make a paper mache elephant in a quick and easy way.

Paper Mache Elephant Tutorial

Paper Mache Elephant DIY

This paper mache elephant is easy to construct because of its uncomplicated structure. Paint it in green and red if you are planning to make it for Christmas.

Paper Mache Elephant

How to Make a Paper Mache Elephant Head

 A simple paper mache elephant bust is great to embellish a table or shelf in your living room while a slim, two-dimensional colorful elephant head with strings will make for a lovely paper mache elephant mask.

Paper Mache Elephant Head

How to Paper Mache an Elephant Head

Form the paper mache elephant trunk, tusks and ears and attach them very firmly to the head of the elephant. Give them enough time to dry up well to make sure it doesn’t fall apart later on. You may paint the elephant head in a color of your choice and decorate it with stones, diamonds, tiny mirrors, or different types of decorative paper for a quirky look.

Elephant Paper Mache Head

Paper Mache Elephant Head Tutorial

Pay perfect attention to the intricate details because a real-looking elephant head will alter the very aura of the room and end up being the cynosure of all attention.

Elephant Head Paper Mache

How to Make an Elephant Out of Paper Mache

While it may look like a herculean task demanding a lot of time and effort, the end result is worth it. You will thank the comprehensive instructions in the video given below to make a cute baby elephant out of paper mache that your kids will go gaga over.

How to Make a Paper Mache Elephant

Whether making a life-size or a small paper mache  elephant, it is extremely important to prepare a template first.

Paper Mache Elephant Template

 Paper Mache Elephant Wall Hanging

A well-constructed paper mache elephant head can serve as a brilliant wall-hanging. Paint the elephant with white or in any other color you prefer. Properly finish the dark eyes for a nice contrast. You can use thick strings or a dent for a hook at the back of the head to secure it in place.

Elephant Paper Mache

How to Make a Paper Mache Clay Elephant

 When it comes to paper mache clay sculptures, the ‘clay’ refers to a paste or pulp wherein paper pieces, water, adhesive and sometimes textiles are mixed together to form a mound of clay which can be molded as desired.

Paper Mache Clay Elephant

How to Make a Chicken Wire Paper Mache Elephant: Step by Step

If you are going for life size paper mache artworks, then the best idea is to go for a chicken wire base. While the base is extremely sturdy and maintains the proper shape of the sculpture, it is also easy to maneuver, light and inexpensive as composed to other hard sculpture foundations.

Papier Mache Elephant

How to Make a Paper Mache Balloon Elephant

The paper mache balloon elephant is as easy to make as it is cheap. The smooth round surface of the balloon makes it quite easy to apply the paper mache paste. However, if you are looking for a permanent home décor, it is best to not opt for such flimsy a base as a balloon which can get deflated without warning.

Paper Mache Balloon Elephant

How to Make a Paper Mache Elephant Piñata

Take a cue from the aforementioned paper mache elephant-making process to make the inner structure of the piñata. You can also use the patchwork design using square strips of colored paper to create the popular picture book character, Elmer.

Paper Mache Elephant Piñata

Creative Paper Mache Indian Elephant

This paper mache Kashmiri elephant beautified with traditional ornamentation is too gorgeous to take your eyes away from.

Kashmir Paper Mache Elephant

The myriad uses of a paper mache elephant cannot possibly be emphasized further. So give it a shot and create a paper mache elephant that exhibits your own unique artistic style with these easy-to-follow tutorials.

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