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16 Creative Paper Mache Piñata Tutorials for You

Popping a piñata is a fun way to celebrate a baby shower, birthday or a Halloween party. But, little did we know, that making one such is an enjoyable task as well. As paper mache art is so popular nowadays, using this technique for piñatas is a useful option. So, if you have a party at home, check out the below-listed instructions beforehand.

DIY Pinata Paper Mache

1. How to Make a Paper Mache Pig Piñata

How about hanging a pig piñata at your bestie’s spinster party? A small round pig, resembling your piggy bank would be a nice idea to rock the party. You may put some small gifts that you wish to give your girlfriends inside the piñata, along with chocolates.

How to Make a Paper Mache Pinata

2. Paper Mache Horse Piñata

Make some fringes of colorful crepe paper and decorate your piñata with them. You can also make a pony by keeping the size of the piñata small.

Paper Mache Pinata

3. Paper Mache Piñata with Cupcake Liners

If you are a new dad and busy preparing for a party to welcome your princess, choose a pink theme for the party. A round fluffy piñata like the following one will be ideal for that. If cupcake liners are not available, paint some tissue papers and attach them in the pattern.

Layered Paper Mache Pinata

4. DIY Paper Mache Chicken Piñata

A balloon, strips of newspaper, a pair of wiggly eyes and heart-shaped cutouts of construction paper will be all you need for this project. You may color the strips in bright and funky shades. Also, this won’t be a bad choice for a hen’s party.

Paper Mache for Pinata

5. Instruction for a Paper Mache Cheetah Piñata

A funny cheetah face lurking from above with lots of chocolates inside is enticing for kids. In fact, using this tutorial, you can make other animals as well, like panther, leopard, fox or anything your kids are fond of. You may also make a lion by attaching some ruffles for its mane.

How to Make a Pinata with Paper Mache

6. How to Make a Paper Mache Fish Piñata

A hanging fish containing chocolates, candies and other treats for kids look cool. Instead of yellow and blue, you may use a combination of red and black for a catchier version.

How to Make a Paper Mache Pinata Fish

7. DIY Unicorn Piñata with Paper Mache 

How to Make a Unicorn Pinata with Paper Mache

8. Step-by-Step Instruction for Paper Mache Owl Piñata

A funny colorful owl could be your pick if you are having a house warming party with friends and family. Make feathers with colorful papers for an eye-catching look.

How to Make a Paper Mache Owl Pinata

9. Homemade Paper Mache Star Piñata

A little time-consuming affair, but once you make it, the result is amazing. After all who wouldn’t love a hanging star?

Homemade Paper Mache Pinata

10. Star Wars Piñata with Paper Mache

Make a Death Star piñata for your Star Wars theme party as adults will love it. Hand them lightsabers for popping it.

Paper Mache Pinata Instruction

11. Chucky-the-Chick Piñata

How to Make a Chick Pinata

12. Funny Monster Piñata

A pair of big round eyes make this piñata so adorable. Such a friendly giant will enhance the party décor without a doubt.

Paper Mache Recipe for Pinata

13. Hello Kitty Paper Mache Piñata Tutorial

For all the angels at your home make a Hello Kitty face. It is a simple one and does not take much more than lots of newspaper and tissue paper.

DIY Paper Mache Pinata

14. Paper Mache Piñata Angry Birds

If you are looking for an attractive theme for piñata, then choose the famous Red from the Angry Birds. Who could be grumpier than him?

Angry Bird Paper Mache Pinata

15. Paper Mache Monkey Piñata

Make a Paper Mache Piñata

16. Green Dragon Piñata for Birthday Party

A fire-breathing dragon with a ferocious look is perfect for a theme party. Encourage your kids to be a dragon slayer and have fun. If you wish, you may also use some bright shades like yellow, orange and red to accentuate its horrifying look.

Paper Mache Pinata Dragon

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Every artist was first an amateur”, don’t be depressed if your first paper mache project doesn’t turn out to be perfect. It is a time-consuming art, hence needs diligence and concentration, and with practice, you will be a pro in no time. These tutorials are some basic ideas to start with, as you can always come up with your own. Try out Disney characters like Olaf, Winnie-the-Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck besides the typical options of butterfly, bee, and tortoise.

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