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23 Striking Shell Mirror Designs with Tutorials

Shell mirrors impart an aesthetic look to add a classy touch to our interiors. Any simple mirror, when encrusted with shells, becomes an eye-catching object without a doubt. So, if you are willing to give a fresh makeover to your existing mirrors, delve into the following list laden with twenty-three cool ideas to adorn your mirrors like a pro.

Shell Framed Mirror

1. Oyster Shell Mirror: DIY

Instead of using various kinds of shells, you can choose just oyster shells to make such a wonderful mirror frame for your home. As the oyster shell is associated with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, this theme is sure to brighten up your love life.

Oyster Shell Mirror

2. How to Create a Shell Mirror

If you have plenty of seashells and hot glue, your work is half done! Just attach the shells randomly and make a perfect piece of art for your home decor.

Shell Mirror

3.  Capiz Shell Rectangular Mirror Design

This mirror has an edgy look due to the placement of the shells. Hang this in your drawing room right above the cupboard. You can create a round capiz shell mirror as well, with the same method.

Capiz Shell Mirror

4. How to Decorate a Round Mirror with Shells

If you have a small round mirror, decorate it with large pink scallops and place it at the corner of the wall. Look how aesthetically the shades of pink, white, and peach are used.

How to decorate a Mirror with Shells

5. Ivory Shell Mirror for Bathroom

If you have returned from your coastal vacation, it is time to utilize all the shells you have collected from the beach. Just affix them on the border of your bathroom mirror and see the transformation.

Shell Bathroom Mirror

6. Tutorial for Oyster Shell Mirror

DIY Oyster Shell Mirror

7. White Round Shell Mirror: Instructions

White Shell Mirror

8. How to Make a Large Shell Mirror Frame

DIY Shell Mirror

9. Idea for a Shell Embellished Mirror

The more, the merrier! Use as many shells as possible including the iridescent shells, for achieving a timeless look. You may keep this mirror on the porch, letting your neighbors appreciate your creativity a bit more.

Mirror Decorated with Shells

10. Shell Mirror for Drawing Room

Since this mirror offers a panoramic view of your drawing room, make sure to highlight it with ample shells and sponges in different shades. However, for a more colorful look, you can spray paint the shells with a combination of green, turquoise and aquamarine shades.

Shell Framed Mirror

11. How to Make an Oval Shell Mirror

How to Make a Shell Mirror

12. Round Mirror with Mussel Shells and Driftwood Sticks

A nice creation to enhance your study? Isn’t it? Don’t forget to cover the mirror with newspapers while attaching the shells to save it from staining.

Round Shell Mirror

13. Innovative Shell Mirror Idea

This beautiful mirror adorned with only oyster shells should be placed in the drawing room welcoming all your guests with its pristine beauty.

Large White Shell Mirror

14. Make Your Own Seashell Mirror

Straight from the land of mermaids! The shades of yellow, white and black will compel you to love it. You may have this design on multiple mirrors and place them vertically beside the staircase.

Seashell Mirror

15. Seashell Mirrors for Bedroom

White Seashell Mirror

16. How to Attach Seashells to the Edge of a Mirror

Make use of these gifts from the sea and pull off a perfect nautical design on your rectangular mirror.

Mirror with Seashells

17. How to Make a Seashell Mirror Frame

How to Make a Seashell Mirror Frame

18. Seashell Mirror Tutorial for All

Sea Shell Mirror

19. Sleek Mirror with Seashell Embellishments

For a modish look, you may follow the tutorial and get an amazing design just like the following one.

Seashell Framed Mirror

20. Seashell Mirror Crafts for Kids

You can let your kids have fun with simple designs as they are going to enjoy this creative task.

Seashell Wall Mirror

22. Make Your Own Clam Shell Mirror

Clam Shell Mirror

21. Antique Seashell Mirror

Buy some pecten, oyster and other similar shells from any craft store and get started on the project.

How to Make a Seashell Mirror

You can also use abalone shells for a more prominent effect, or combine different types of shells for a layered design.

Abalone Shell Mirror

Hopefully, these ideas have helped you have a desired ornate shell mirror for yourself. No hassle of spending a fortune, just gather shells and glues and keep on arranging them in any order you like. If you wish, you can try out different styles for each mirror in your house.

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